Funny or Die launches 2012 election vertical with Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

Will Ferrell's digital spoof-factory launched a politics vertical this week, kicking off its 2012 election coverage with a video featuring "Iron" Mike Tyson--a frequent participant in Funny or Die productions--as Herman Cain.

The site has done plenty of political spoofing. Earlier this year, Ferrell reprised his role as George W. Bush in a video reacting to news of the death of Osama bin Laden, giving a statement from a Sizzler steakhouse.

And last year, Funny or Die put together a reunion of "Saturday Night Live" presidential impersonators, featuring Ferrell (Bush), Fred Armisen (Obama), Dana Carvey (Bush Sr.), Darrell Hammond (Clinton), Dan Aykroyd (Ford) and Jim Carrey (Reagan).

That said, it's worth noting--as The Atlantic did--that Tyson is perhaps not the best casting choice for Cain, considering the former heavyweight champion was convicted of rape in 1992.

You can watch Tyson as Cain below:

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