Gadhafi killed: Al Jazeera first to air image of the body

Since early Thursday, when conflicting reports out of Libya had Moammar Gadhafi either captured or killed in a NATO-led attack in the town of Sirte, American news outlets have scrambled to get confirmation of Gadhafi's death and the circumstances surrounding it.

NATO and the White House did not immediately confirm the news, and conflicting reports "led to some wariness and delays from the broadcast and cable news outlets," Alex Weprin noted on CNN was the first to report the news at 7:26 a.m. ET; CBS News was the first on network television at 7:30.

ABC News posted fascinating cutting room pool footage of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton--who had been participating in a sit-down interviews with several networks--first learning of the news on her BlackBerry. "Wow," Clinton said before clarifying the reports were unconfirmed. "We've had a bunch of those before. We've had him captured several times." You can watch video of the moment above.

Al Jazeera English aired footage of what is said to be Gadhafi's body on the street in Sirte. You can watch the footage below, but readers should be warned that it is very graphic:

AJE also broadcast an obituary of the former Libyan leader, with clips spanning his 42 years in power--including a final video where he threatened to use "massive violence to quash protesters" who had taken to the streets of Libya as part of the Arab Spring uprising.

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