George Zimmerman’s lawyer abruptly cancels interview with Lawrence O’Donnell (VIDEO)

After making the rounds on the morning show circuit, George Zimmerman's lawyer, Craig Sonner, was supposed to appear on Lawrence O'Donnell's primetime show on Monday night. But according to MSNBC, Sonner walked out of a remote Orlando studio shortly before the segment, leaving O'Donnell in the lurch.

After a rant about the cancellation ("He wasn't going to get out of here with an easy interview!") O'Donnell went ahead with his list of interview questions for Sonner anyway.

"Who is paying you?" a heated O'Donnell asked the empty chair. "Did you represent [Zimmerman] when he was arrested for assault on a police officer in 2005? Were you his lawyer then? Did you represent him in the domestic violence case in 2007?"

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