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Obama has pre-SOTU lunch with TV news stars

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Obama has pre-SOTU lunch with media


Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, one of the attendees at the traditional, pre-State of the Union lunch at the White House, couldn't discuss specifics of the President Obama's address while on the air Tuesday afternoon.

Network anchors and cable hosts who attend the annual lunch are given a preview of what to expect in the speech under an agreement not to report on the details until its delivered Tuesday night. So Smith instead broke down the menu with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who—along with other Sunday show hosts—didn't get invited this year.

Smith said that Obama and the TV news figures enjoyed crisped halibut with pickled South Lawn peppers, compressed avocados, rice with chorizo sausage, and a salad with goat cheese, baby bell peppers, micro basil and grapeseed oil. And for dessert? Warm gingerbread. (Watch Smith discuss lunch below, via Mediaite).

He also revealed a few other White House guests, including Fox News colleague Bret Baier, CBS's Katie Couric, NBC's Brian Williams and ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

But that wasn't all. A White House pool report noted a few other attendees: ABC's Diane Sawyer, MSNBC's  Chris Matthews, and CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

UPDATE: The Smith video was added after it went up on Mediaite.

(Photo of Obama having lunch at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Va.: AP /Charles Dharapak,File)

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