Sony Pictures preps for ‘Steve Jobs: The Film’

It's been a week since Steve Jobs died, and Sony Pictures--which owns the film rights to the Apple co-founder's forthcoming biography--is already making preparations for the Steve Jobs movie.

Sony registered the following domain names on Oct. 11:

No word on a release date, but Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs--which had originally been titled "iSteve: the Book of Jobs"--is being rushed to publication by Simon & Schuster.

It's common for studios to register domain names and trademarks well before a movie begins production. Earlier this year, Disney trademarked the term "Seal Team 6"--the Navy Seals unit responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden--two days after an American operation took out the terrorist leader. (Disney later withdrew the trademark.)

As noted, two other Jobs film-related and registered by Stoneport LLC, a Virginia-based Web design firm, in late August.

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