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Calgary Stampede celebrates fried cowboy boots and other bizarre treats

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The Calgary Stampede is underway and as always, the festival is offering deep fried wonders from chocolate-covered jalapenos to double smoked bacon wrapped cheese perogie skewers.

The more descriptors the better.

For those seeking something sweeter, there's deep fried pie and banana bacon ear, among other heart-attack inducing snacks.

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But at last year's centennial event, the Stampede truly tested the limits of its fryers. Organizers applied a crucial test to several items every cowboy must have. The question: will it fry?

One test subject was a belt buckle.

The result: a fashion statement that's hotter than boiling grease. Creating the real cowboy look, however, required a nice, battered boot. Once again, the Stampede delivered.

To top it all off, of course stampeders needed to see how a deep fried cowboy hat would turn out.

The same fryin' cowboy also tested jeans and a few more edible choices, such as pancakes and bacon. This year visitors might have to settle for fried food that's actually edible.

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Whether you're chewing rubber or pie this year stampeders, don't forget the pickle juice shooter to wash it all down.

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