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Must-see videos of the week – July 12

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Mannequin on billboard alarms I-75 motorists

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A mannequin set up alongside Interstate 75 is causing drivers to do a double-take.

From a deceiving mannequin sitting on a billboard to a behind-the-scenes look at jumping out of a plane with Canada's elite show parachuting team, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Mannequin on U.S. billboard alarms motorists

Billboards are usually designed to grab attention, but this billboard may go too far. It features a mannequin sitting on top of a BMW billboard along a highway in Ohio. While it's definitely eye-catching, the police say they receive dozens of calls a week from people about the 'young boy sitting on a billboard'.

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2. U of T students win big prize with human-powered chopper

What you are witnessing in this video is something some people thought would never be accomplished. It's a flying helicopter powered by a pilot cycling. A competition was established 33 years ago for the first person to build one and fly it at least three metres off the ground and stay in the air for at least one minute. A small team of people from the University of Toronto accomplished it this week with their device that is more than 47 metres across, weighs 54 kilograms and has four massive rotors. For accomplishing it they won the $250,000 prize. While they don't intend it to be used as a mode of transportation, they see it as an exercise in pushing limits and hope devices like this may be able to help in the reduction of fossil fuels.

3. The thrills of SkyHawk parachuting

A member of the Canadian Forces SkyHawks parachute team may have had a miscue and broken his leg after a hard landing Sunday afternoon at the Calgary Stampede, but that isn't going to slow the team down. They gave a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at their job as they were about to jump out of a plane on Thursday. Despite the door being open and being able to look down thousands of metres above the ground, the guys seem to be having fun and one member says he can do it in his sleep. The squad was established in 1971 and has performed more than 4,200 shows for more than 75 million spectators. They are easily recognizable with their Canadian flag parachutes.

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4. Chinese firefighters rescue woman from raging flood waters

While Toronto saw some pretty crazy flooding this week and people in southern Alberta are still cleaning up from water damage, China is also experiencing the worst flooding they have seen in about 50 years. Dramatic images have captured bridges and houses being washed away while the death toll now exceeds 200. But there are also stories of heroism, like these firefighters who rescued one woman from raging floodwaters in a dramatic fashion.

5. Massive ship crashes into boats

We're not sure if neither the captain of the Cyprus Cement nor the tug boat driver don't see the small boats or if they just need to make more room for the ocean liner, but it makes for a somewhat humorous video of destruction. The cement carrier just seems to plow over numerous smaller motor boats and the docks in Levanger marina in Norway. However, it probably isn't so funny for the people who own those smaller boats. Hope they have insurance.

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