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Must-See Videos of the Week: November 22

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In this week's video roundup, we hope you get you thinking about the happiness that the holiday season can bring, the wonders of nature, and why we love the pets in our lives. Here are the videos you can't miss this week:

With Christmas just over a month away and the holiday season close at hand, festive videos have begun to cross our screens this week. This little guy asked Santa for a very unique gift last year — a red bar of soap — and unfortunately didn't get it when he opened his presents on Christmas Day (the one he received was decidedly pink). So Santa brought him just what he asked for the following week, along with an apology. Watch the video for the boy's priceless reaction.

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A group of teen boys with a passion for making YouTube videos decided to conduct a social experiment in Las Vegas: How would girls react when they tried to pick them up, with the aid of a 2013 Red Ferrari Italia 458. Warning: if the previous video restored your faith in humanity, this one may destroy it again.

On Sunday, a tornado touched down in Lebanon, Indiana and caused chaos: Cars were flipped and customers were trapped inside store waiting for it to pass. This brave (and crazy) person spotted the signs of a tornado coming, and managed to capture its formation on video.

One thing you just can't seem to get here in Canada is a good old-fashioned haggling match with shopkeepers; for that, you need to travel abroad. If you really want some tough haggling practice, head to the famed Yashow Market, a clothing market in Beijing. This video recorded by a visitor shows just how tough and persistent you have to be for a good deal.

Finally, it wouldn't be Must-See Videos post without an appearance by a cute animal, right? A personal favourite this week is a persistent dog named Moose who just doesn't understand why this tiny, useless human won't play catch with him.

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