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Video: Fighter jet skims above the heads of daredevil spectators

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Spectators near a British air show had the thrills they were seeking — and maybe a bit of a haircut too — when a fighter jet passed so low over their heads they dove for cover.

Tom Pipe, one of the daredevils who decided to watch the Royal Air Force Waddington International Air Show from outside the designated viewing areas, directly under the flight path, filmed the moment when a Typhoon fighter jet descended over their heads.

As the jet whooshes in and passes over a fence, some of those watching run away and at least one person ends up lying flat in the grass. The spectators holler in shock, exhilaration and possibly nervous laughter.

"Well this came as a shock; the rate of descent was so quick," the user who uploaded the video to YouTube wrote in the description.

However, the Royal Air Force told Daily Mail the jet pilot's descent was "completely normal." A spokesperson said there are signs warning the public to stay away from that area.

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Maybe a good fright will straighten out these rule-breakers, but it seems likely they knew exactly what they'd signed up for.

The Waddington air show is the Royal Air Force's largest, according to its website. The annual event regularly draws more than 125,000 spectators.

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