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‘Yes we Canada’: Comedians enter Canada as candidate in U.S. presidential race

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Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon are campaigning to get people to vote for Canada

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may be the two top contenders in the race for the White House, but two comedians and authors are suggesting an alternative - Canada.

Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon were in New York City campaigning for Canada. They were walking the streets convincing people to vote. not for a specific Canadian but rather the entire country.

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"We've seen your candidates and frankly they scare the s*&! out of us," Calvert says in a viral YouTube video that was posted in January when he declared Canada's 'canadacy'. "So we are volunteering our country to lead your country."

(Warning: Video contains coarse language)

He suggests Canada is in the perfect position to lead America because we already lead America is so many sectors including health care, human rights, crime prevention, gay rights, human kindness, lumberjack fashion and bigfoot sightings.

Calvert, the face of the campaign, and writer Cannon, who was a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, were in New York to speak at a comedy club and promote their satirical book called America, But Better.

In the book, they discuss some of their campaign promises such as healthcare and tax reform. They plan to start healthcare reform by providing free dental coverage to hockey players and when it comes to taxes, they plan to legalize and tax marijuana and use the proceed to buy America back from China.

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"Most of our followers are actually based in the States," said Calvert to the BBC. "Some are just sick of the political situation and some appreciate that there is a group there to laugh at the whole thing."

After leaving New York, they went to stump in Toronto and are currently in Winnipeg, but probably won't get many votes in those cities.

If the Canada Party were to win, it would sort of be an invasion from the north. Which would be much better from a Canadian perspective than us being invaded from the south. This was rumoured yesterday after a reporter suggested it because a signing ceremony between Hillary Clinton and the Mexican foreign minister wasn't open to the press. NBC News later blogged about a secret plan that was drawn up in 1935 to invade Canada.

"We're going right through to the end," Calvert said to the BBC. "I think the American people will shake their heads and wake up and say that is our best choice."

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