• Santiago Esparza, Detroit News staff writer

    Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he was unfairly treated by the media, prosecution and a judge in a wide-ranging interview published in the current issue of an urban magazine aimed at prison inmates and the hip-hop community.

    He also said he plans to still fight for Detroit and work to repair his relationship with city residents in one of the more candid interviews he's given since being imprisoned — even acknowledging some blame.

    "The people of Detroit have been through so much. The economy is bad. There are excessive job losses, and they are depressed," Kilpatrick said in the current issue of Don Diva magazine. "Many think one of their favorite sons betrayed them. In a way, I did … but it is not how the media is portraying it to be.

    "I want them to understand the truth and understand that I truly apologize to them for

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  • Tony Paul, Detroit News staff writer

    Umpires get a bad rap, because you really only notice them when they've blown a call, or are going at it — nose to nose, expletive to expletive — with a manager or a player.

    So it's always good to hear stories like the one out of Kalamazoo earlier this month, when a major league umpire came to the rescue during a pivotal first place-vs.-second place game.

    A wiffle ball game, that is.


    Here was the situation: two outs, last inning (sixth), pitching team up three, hitting team with runners on first and second base, and the previous year's MVP at the plate.

    Kevin Marszalek took a mighty hack, and sent the ball soaring to left, a mammoth shot some 80 feet from home. It looked immediately like a tying home run — so much so, one of the fielders let an expletive fly — but left fielder Steve Everett of Kalamazoo tracked back to the fence, reached up and, taking advantage of his 6-foot-6 frame, caught the ball (barehanded in wiffle

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  • Maureen Feighan, Detroit News staff writer

    A Brooklyn, N.Y., man who said he was thrown off a flight at Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday for cursing is considering suing the airline, calling the experience "humiliating."

    Robert Sayegh had a layover Sunday afternoon after attending a cousin's wedding in Kansas City on Saturday. The 37-year-old TV producer and children's book author said he and other passengers on Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5136 to Newark, N.J., had been waiting at the gate for 45 minutes when he was overheard by a flight attendant telling a passenger next to him, "What's taking so (expletive) long to close the overhead compartments?"

    The plane eventually taxied to the runway, but soon returned, where airport police boarded the plane and Sayegh was escorted off.

    "I'm like, 'Are they throwing me off the plane?'" said Sayegh, who said he used the F-word twice. "This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever been through in my life. It's embarrassing."

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