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  • Libyan government to NATO: You missed

    NATO air strikes hit an office building inside Moammar Gadhafi's Tripoli compound Monday.lettergadhafi

    But a Libyan government spokesman issued an officious "You missed" taunt to NATO brass. The typed official government communique—which CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen  posted to Twitter—informed NATO that the strikes had missed Gadhafi.

    NATO has insisted it's not targeting the Libyan leader, but is rather conducting air strikes with the goal of protecting Libyan civilians from attacks, in accordance with the UN resolutions instituting a no-fly zone in the North African nation.

    And indeed, a photograph of the Tripoli compound building felled by the air strike, later posted by Pleitgen, appeared to show a clean strike that left a tree unharmed just a couple feet away from the targeted building, which NATO said was a command and control center.

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who visited Libyan anti-government rebels in their eastern Libyan stronghold of Benghazi last week, urged the United States

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  • gitmo

    • How the Arab spring remade Obama's foreign policy. (New Yorker/Ryan Lizza)

    • On the day of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the core of Al-Qaeda was concentrated in a single city: Karachi, Pakistan, newly released U.S. documents show. (Washington Post)

    • A trove of 700 U.S. military files offers insights into men who've been held there. (New York Times)

    • More than 160 of those released or transferred from Gitmo were described in U.S. documents as a risk to the United States, files show. (NPR)

    • How the media got the latest tranche of U.S. diplomatic cables on Guantanamo Bay. (Huffington Post/Michael Calderone)

    • Syria's army has advanced into the southern city of Deraa, with tanks and troops seeking to put down anti-regime protests. (BBC)

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  • Yemen's ruling party has agreed to a political transition plan put forward by the Persian Gulf bloc of Arab nations under which its three decade ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh would step down, the party spokesman told Reuters.

    "The ruling party informed the foreign ministers of the [Gulf Cooperation Council] GCC of their acceptance of the Gulf initiative in full," a spokesman for the Yemeni ruling party Tariq Shami told Reuters Saturday.

    Under the GCC-proposed plan, Saleh would turn over power to his vice president a month after an official agreement is signed with opposition forces, and will be granted immunity from prosecution, Reuters reported.

    The United States tentatively welcomed the development, but stressed the urgency of a political dialogue in Yemen that includes all sides, including Yemeni youth, to advance a peaceful transfer of power in the country, the poorest in the Arab world.

    "We welcome the recent Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative to address the challenging

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  • Man who avoided prison is overwhelmed by support
    Man who avoided prison is overwhelmed by support

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — A Missouri man who avoided prison because of a clerical error and led a law-abiding life for 13 years said he is overwhelmed by the support he's received since the story of his incarceration became public.

  • Famous Los Angeles mountain lion exposed to poison
    Famous Los Angeles mountain lion exposed to poison

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A mountain lion that appeared strong and healthy when it was photographed as it ruled a wilderness park in the middle of Los Angeles has been exposed to rat poison and is suffering from mange, officials said.

  • Russia says U.S. treating it like 'guilty schoolboy' over Ukraine
    Russia says U.S. treating it like 'guilty schoolboy' over Ukraine

    The Kremlin on Friday described as unacceptable a U.S. threat to impose sanctions if Russia fails to fulfil its side of an international deal on Ukraine, accusing the White House of treating Moscow like a "guilty schoolboy". President Barack Obama said Thursday's deal in Geneva between Russia, Ukraine and Western powers to reduce tensions in the Russian-speaking east of Ukraine was promising but that Washington and its allies were prepared to impose more sanctions on Russia if the situation fails to improve. "Statements like those made at a high level in Washington that the United States will follow in detail how Russia fulfils its obligations ... are unlikely to help dialogue," President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said.

  • PETA Enlists Kids To Tell First Lady Easter Egg Policy is Rotten

    While the annual White House Easter Egg Roll celebration isn’t one typically embroiled in controversy, three young girls are letting First Lady Michelle Obama know they aren’t happy about it. Well, three young girls on behalf of PETA, or the People for the Ethical Treatment...

  • Search resumes after Everest's worst climbing tragedy

    By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Sherpa climbers aided by helicopters resumed a search on Saturday for four missing guides after an ice avalanche swept the lower slopes of Mount Everest, killing at least 12 in the deadliest accident on the world's highest mountain. "I sat and counted 13 helicopter lifts - 12 were dead bodies flying overhead suspended by a long line from a helicopter," Tim Rippel of Peak Freaks Expeditions wrote in a blog. "Everyone is shaken here at Base Camp. "He was the only bread winner in the family," said 17-year-old Phinjum Sherpa, as she waited for the body of her uncle, Tenji Sherpa, at a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu.

  • Research shows it’s ‘blind luck’ that asteroids haven’t destroyed a major city yet
    Research shows it’s ‘blind luck’ that asteroids haven’t destroyed a major city yet

    Well, here’s something happy to think about as you head into the weekend. brings us word that three former NASA astronauts are going to present new research next week showing that there have been 26 asteroid crashes since 2001 that have caused “atomic-bomb-scale explosions” that have fortunately been far away from major population centers. The research, which was conducted by the B612 Foundation, used data from a nuclear weapons warning network to measure the impact of major asteroid strikes on the Earth’s surface. “This network has detected 26 multi-kiloton explosions since 2001, all of which are due to asteroid impacts,” explained B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu, a physicist who worked at NASA from 1994 until 2007. “It shows that asteroid impacts are

  • FDA Warns Against Hysterectomy Technique That May Spread Cancer
    FDA Warns Against Hysterectomy Technique That May Spread Cancer

    FDA Highlights Cancer Risk with Surgical Procedure

  • 16-Foot Great White Shark Spotted Near Australian Beach

    A massive great white shark has been spotted swimming close to an Australian beach, scaring the locals and forcing the beach to close, according to news reports. Signals from a satellite tag on the shark alerted authorities to its location, and city officials warned residents of Albany, Western Australia, to stay out of the water. They captured the shark again a week later and placed a more sophisticated tag in her stomach that will enable the officers to track her for at least a decade, The Telegraph reported. The shark may have smelled a dying humpback whale that was beached in the area, a spokesman for the state department of fisheries said, according to The Telegraph.

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