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  • Libya’s Moussa Koussa arrives in Qatar

    koussaLibya's highest-profile defector Moussa Koussa has arrived in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar ahead of a meeting of the Libyan contact group Wednesday.

    Before leaving the UK, to which the former Libyan foreign minister and long-time intelligence chief defected last month, Koussa told the BBC he was concerned the situation in Libya was devolving into a Somalia-style civil war.

    "The solution...will come from the Libyans themselves through discussion and democratic dialogue," Koussa told the BBC, urging the parties to avoid a protracted conflict.

    Koussa is due to meet with Libyan opposition representatives in Qatar, which is hosting Wednesday's meeting of the international contact group on Libya.

    The Financial Times reported that UK officials saw the trip as an opportunity for Koussa to deepen his ties with the Libyan rebel opposition umbrella group, the transitional or interim National Council, which is based in the eastern Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

    "The more representative of Libya that the [interim national council] are, the more broadly aligned they are, the less regional they are, the better that is for them," a British official told the paper. "There is therefore merit in them extending their base to get together with Moussa Koussa. But the INC will do so on their terms and we are not setting the agenda for them."

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  • CIA, Pakistani spy chiefs meet amid tensions


    CIA Director Leon Panetta met with his Pakistani counterpart in Washington for four hours yesterday, in an airing of differences that the CIA characterized as constructive.

    The meeting -- between Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, and Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate -- came amid continued fall-out from the arrest of CIA contractor Ray Davis and the case's exposure of covert CIA intelligence-gathering against Pakistani militant groups.

    "Director Panetta and General Pasha held productive discussions ... and the CIA-ISI relationship remains on solid footing," CIA spokesman George Little told the Envoy Monday. "The United States and Pakistan share a wide range of mutual interests, and today's exchange emphasized the need to continue to work closely together, including on our common fight against terrorist networks that threaten both countries."

    U.S. officials acknowledge, however, that the Pakistanis are seeking more "visibility" into CIA operations in Pakistan. Namely, the Pakistanis insist the U.S. inform them -- and get advanced approval for -- of any covert intelligence collection being conducted against Pakistani militant groups. The U.S. suspects some of these groups of having continued links to elements of the Pakistani security services.

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  • JapanPM

    • Japan raises the nuclear-damage assessment at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi facility to 7—the highest-level of severity, last used for the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. (New York Times; Bloomberg)

    • France and the UK say NATO must do more to hit Gadhafi's tanks, heavy weaponry. (BBC)

    • The prospect of a long-term stalemate in Libya puts stress on U.S. policy. (New York Times)

    • Ukrainian Oksana Balinskaya recalls her years as Gadhafi's nurse. (The Daily Beast)

    • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers a partial Israeli Defense Forces pull-out from Palestinian West Bank and other measures ahead of expected September Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN. (Haaretz)

    • Netanyahu to receive Justin Bieber. (Haaretz)

    • Pakistan tells the United States to curtail unilateral CIA activities in the country. (New York Times)

    • What's at stake in U.S.-Pakistan spy talks. (David Ignatius; Washington Post)

    • Italy's Berlusconi said the $60k he paid teenage belly dancer was to support her

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  • Strangers rally for dog who survived fall off 150-foot cliff in Oregon
    Strangers rally for dog who survived fall off 150-foot cliff in Oregon

    A dog who miraculously survived falling from a 150-foot cliff in Oregon is home recovering after emergency surgeries that were paid for, in part, by some two-legged strangers.

  • Why a Gay Man Is Raising Money for Homophobic Bakers

    Remember the husband and wife who owned a bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Ore., and refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple in January?

  • AP-GfK Poll: Most expect GOP victory in November
    AP-GfK Poll: Most expect GOP victory in November

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Two weeks before Election Day, most of the nation's likely voters now expect the Republican Party to take control of the U.S. Senate, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. And by a growing margin, they say that's the outcome they'd like to see.

  • Sweden gets two new sightings, as hunt for undersea intruder goes on

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden's military is working on two new observations that could be evidence of suspected "foreign underwater activity" near the country's capital, a senior naval officer said on Tuesday. Swedish forces have been scouring the sea off Stockholm since Friday, after what the military called three credible reports of activity by foreign submarines or divers using an underwater vehicle. The vessels were unidentified, but during the 1980s the Swedish navy from time to time hunted suspected Soviet submarines in its waters. ...

  • Ingenious new app is every math teacher’s nightmare come true
    Ingenious new app is every math teacher’s nightmare come true

    If your school doesn’t already collect your smartphones before you go to class, we’re certain that it will start doing so after seeing this new mobile app. Per Engadget, an app called PhotoMath is every math teacher’s worst nightmare come to life as it will solve equations for you just by using your smartphone’s camera. MORE GREAT APPS: This brilliant app will send you a photo of the person who stole your smartphone As you can see in the video posted below, the app uses your camera to scan the page for mathematical symbols and will then decipher the precise syntax of the problem it sees and then solve it. So far, the app can read basic arithmetic expressions, fractions, powers

  • How 1 doctor saved Nigeria from Ebola catastrophe
    How 1 doctor saved Nigeria from Ebola catastrophe

    A day after the World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of Ebola, the doctor who treated the country's first case of the deadly virus and later died from the disease herself is being hailed as a hero for helping stop the outbreak.

  • Indiana man was violent long before 7 killings
    Indiana man was violent long before 7 killings

    GARY, Ind. (AP) — With hindsight, there were signs years ago of increasing violence against women by Darren Vann, who police said Tuesday has confessed to killing seven women in northwestern Indiana.

  • The Ben Bradlee Mystique
    The Ben Bradlee Mystique

    Usually, when Hollywood makes a movie about an historical figure, the actor who plays the character is better looking, more charismatic and sexier than the real person. Not in the case of Ben Bradlee. In All the President’s Men, the iconic movie story of how a few salty newspapermen brought down President Richard Nixon by exposing the Watergate scandal, the part of Bradlee, executive editor of the Washington Post, is played by Jason Robards, no slouch in the charm department—but no match for the real thing.

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