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International news of the weird: Iran MPs move to ban dogs, China bans TV time travel

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• Iran MPs table resolution to ban dogs in public places. (AFP/Outside the Beltway)

• China bans depictions of time travel in television shows and movies because the plot device "disrespects history." (TV Guide)

• Google-funded Israeli researchers try to teach computers regret. (TMCNet)

• TSA agents trying to detect terrorists assess one risk factor to be those who arrogantly complain about TSA security procedures. (CNN)

• Paparazzi-hounded Justin Bieber visits Jerusalem holy sites in the middle of the night. (ContactMusic)

• Saudi Arabia gives approval for the building of a mile-high skyscraper, the Kingdom Tower, which would be the tallest building on earth. (GlobalPost)

(Iran dog owners have been told not to walk their pets in public places.: Photo Credit: AFP)

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