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News of the world: Botched defection, Senate takes up Libya war powers

The Envoy

• Burqa-wearing al Qaeda-linked militant captured in northern Afghanistan disguised as a woman, NATO says. (Associated Press)

• Muammar Gadhafi spokesman shrugs off International Criminal Court arrest warrant. Gadhafi only second world leader to be indicted for war crimes by ICC, after Sudan's Bashir, but so far none brought to trial. (Time's Vivian Walt)

• "Botched defection": Former Libya intel chief Musa Kusa, who defected to the UK in March, tracked down at a luxury hotel in Doha, Qatar where he's apparently been since April. (David Ignatius; Telegraph)

• New report says Pakistan nuclear weapons at more risk of falling into terrorist hands. (Center for Public Integrity, Federation of American Scientists)

• Senate's turn to beat up on Obama over Libya war powers. (Foreign Policy; New York Times)

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