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News of the world: Iran to send monkey to space, the Pentagon’s Persian Gulf contracts, Russia convicts double-agent

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• Pentagon paid $14 billion in sole-source contracts to companies controlled by Persian Gulf ruling families. (Aram Roston/Newsweek)

• Russia convicts spy master in abstentia for betraying Anna Chapman, 9 other Russian spies arrested in U.S. (Reuters; Telegraph)

• Syrian opposition meets in Damascus. (WSJ)

• The road home from Afghanistan runs through Pakistan: Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry. (

• Iran plans to send live monkey into space. (Reuters)

• UK wire journalist arrested in phone-hacking probe. (Bloomberg)

• Why academics didn't foresee the Arab spring. (Greg Gause/Foreign Affairs)

• The #ArabTyrantsManual launched. (Iyad ElBaghdadi, .pdf)

• Morocco jails journalist Rachid Nini. (Newsweek)

• Decades after duty in CIA-predecessor OSS, "spy girls" find each other in suburban northern Virginia retirement home. (Washington Post)

(File photo released on June 16, 2011 by Iran's Defense Ministry claiming to show the launching of the Safir [Ambassador] satellite carrier, which carries Iran's Rasad [Observation] satellite into orbit.  Iran's space agency chief told Iran's IRNA news agency Monday that five monkeys are currently being tested before one is chosen for a flight next month aboard an Kavoshgar-5 rocket:Vahid Reza Alaei/Iran Defense Ministry/AP Photo.)

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