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  • Political wives are the norm, but the presidential campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin could possibly give the U.S. its first female president, and first "first husband."

    Political wives are a known commodity in presidential politics. But what about political husbands?

    The 2012 Republican presidential campaign could answer that question with the possibility that two high profile women -- Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin -- will run.

    Bachmann's husband, Marcus, is seen as her closest adviser. The two met in high school and he has been involved in every aspect of her political career and is a constant presence at her side as she ramps up her presidential bid.

    Bachmann is a psychologist who runs a counseling center in Minnesota. He and his wife have been married since the late 1970s and have five children together. The Bachmanns have also been foster parents to 23 other children.

    Palin's husband, Todd, is better known nationally. Commonly referred to as the "first dude" from

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  • The federal government will default on its loans in 20 days unless politicians can reach across the aisle and come up with a deal to raise the debt ceiling, a tall order at a time when the two parties couldn't be further apart.

    The federal government will default on its loans in 20 days if the White House and congressional Republicans can't come up with a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

    And, the two sides haven't been further apart -- publicly at least -- for months.

    Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who has established a reputation as someone willing to work across the partisan aisle, said this weekend that he'd bet against a deal getting done.

    While the situation is decidedly fluid, there's lots and lots of pessimism about the prospects for a deal. If no deal is reached, the political consequences of default are chaotic and potentially cataclysmic for both parties.

    President Obama was elected in large part on his promise to make the government work again. If he

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  • Every politician makes mistakes, but if you've made one during your presidential campaign you need to recover quickly to have a shot at office.

    To err is to human -- especially if you are running for president.

    Here's a look at the biggest problem each of the major candidates Republican candidates face in 2012 -- and how they can fix it.

    Michele Bachmann: Bachmann has a tendency to misspeak. Her assertion that the battle of Lexington and Concord was fought in New Hampshire is the best example of this problem. She needs stay on message and stay away from talking about topics she's less familiar with

    Jon Huntsman: Huntsman is running as the civility candidate in a Republican primary where voters seem to be looking for someone willing to take the fight to Obama. Huntsman has to prove to skeptical voters that he's ready for the fight -- and can win it.

    Mitt Romney: Romney has decided not to apologize for signing a health care law in Massachusetts that some Republicans compare to what

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