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  • President Obama has yet to make known whether or not he supports gay marriage. Coming out in favor could satisfy and energize his base, but Obama needs to appeal to both bases in 2012, and likely won't take a firm stance before the race is over.

    Days after New York passed a law legalizing gay marriage, President Obama was asked where he stood on the controversial issue.

    His response? "I'm not going to make news on that today. Good try though."

    The White House has previously acknowledged that Obama's past opposition to gay marriage is "evolving" but have been unwilling to say when he might have more to say on the issue -- and when he might say it.

    The new New York law coupled with the fact that gay men and women comprise a not-insignificant chunk of the Democratic base and donor community will ramp up the pressure on Obama to say something sooner rather than later about where he stands on gay marriage.

    But, political reality suggests Obama will continue to not make news on the issue

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  • Fundraising is vital to a successful presidential bid, and the Republican 2012 hopefuls are already raking in cash to put toward their campaigns. But money equates to power in more than one way this early in the race: it means strength, and hopefully, support down the line.

    The chase for campaign cash in the presidential race is heating up.

    Fundraising is seen as an early sign of strength for a candidate. Donors invest in people they think can win. If you can't get someone to write you a check, it's not likely you'll win their vote.

    That makes Thursday a very important day in the 2012 presidential race. It's the deadline for fundraising over the past three months and every candidate is pushing hard to collect as many checks as possible before the clock strikes midnight.

    For Republicans, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be the cash king. He raised more than $10 million in a single day last month and is likely to raise as much as $20 million for the entire quarter.

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  • Michele Bachmann makes a compelling and confident 2012 Presidential candidate. She needs to keep that spark up--but avoid a tendency to misspeak as she moves forward.

    If you haven't heard of Michele Bachmann yet, you will soon enough.

    The Minnesota Republican Congresswoman officially enters the 2012 presidential race today in Waterloo, Iowa. She'll also make trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina to declare her intentions.

    Bachmann has been in the U.S. House since 2006 and has rapidly emerged as one of its most outspoken and controversial members.

    Her comments that Barack Obama might hold "anti-American" views during the 2008 election nearly cost her her seat.

    But she's emerged as a champion of the tea party for her willingness to stake out conservative positions on the federal debt, slashing government spending and virtually every other issue. That has turned her into a very hot commodity in the GOP these days.

    And Bachmann has a compelling personal story to tell. She is the

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  • Final Glance: Railroad companies

    Shares of some top railroad companies were mixed at the close of trading: CSX fell $.24 or .8 percent, to $30.63. Canadian National Railway Co. fell $.18 or .3 percent, to $69.30. Canadian Pacific Railway ...

  • Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix
    Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix

    BERLIN (AP) — Humans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in Europe for more than 5,000 years, providing ample time for the two species to meet and mix, according to new research.

  • Rick Perry Thinks ISIL May Have Already Crossed the Mexico Border
    Rick Perry Thinks ISIL May Have Already Crossed the Mexico Border

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said Thursday that there was "a very real possibility" that terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has crossed into the U.S. Perry was asked about the possibility following a speech he delivered at the conservative Heritage Foundation in which he criticized the Obama administration's handling of the border crisis and called for an expanded air campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

  • 2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb
    2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb

    The scientists found several pottery vessels beside the sarcophagus, and the tomb also contained a niche, sealed with a limestone slab, which held 13 mostly complete vessels. "The wealth of the occupant here is indicated by the sarcophagus and the large number of vessels," writes a team of researchers in a recent issue of the journal Hesperia.

  • Hostess closing bakery that created the Twinkie
    Hostess closing bakery that created the Twinkie

    Hostess Brands plans to close the suburban Chicago bakery where the Twinkie was invented in 1930, cutting 400 jobs and shuttering a piece of American baking history. The company said Wednesday it plans ...

  • Scottish nationalists seek to broaden independence debate beyond currency

    By Alistair Smout EDINBURGH (Reuters) - With less than a month to go until Scotland votes on independence, nationalists are seeking to broaden the debate away from a difficult focus on what currency would be used after breaking from the United Kingdom. Health care and other social issues such as justice and equality are likely to get a bigger airing if pro-independence First Minister Alex Salmond has his way in a second televised debate on Aug 25. The question of whether Scotland could keep the pound if it voted on Sept. 18 to leave the United Kingdom has hampered independence campaigners. As a result, uncertainty over the currency dogged the normally fiery Salmond in the first TV debate two weeks ago when he was unexpectedly outshone by the more reserved head of the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK, former finance minister Alistair Darling.

  • James Foley's parents: 'He was a martyr, a martyr for freedom'
    James Foley's parents: 'He was a martyr, a martyr for freedom'

    The parents of James Foley, the American journalist whose brutal execution by Islamist militants was posted on YouTube, gave an emotional press conference outside their New Hampshire home on Wednesday.

  • Teen gets 11 years for carving swastika on boy

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon teenager who carved a swastika into another teen's forehead as he and others tortured the boy has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

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