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  • Newt Gingrich is officially in the presidential race for 2012, but does he stand a chance of winning?

    Newt Gingrich is running for president.

    The former Speaker of the House has been eying the race for months and has removed any doubt about his plans with an announcement via YouTube and Twitter.

    But is Gingrich a serious candidate for the nomination?

    He has considerable strengths. He's universally known among Republican primary voters, is a proven fundraiser and is widely regarded as a the brightest policy mind in the party.

    Those strengths are offset by equally large weaknesses.

    Gingrich's ego is legendary and occasionally gets him into trouble. Gingrich has also had a tumultuous personal life that could make him unacceptable to social conservatives.

    It's not surprising then that his political career has been marked by high highs and low lows. Gingrich was the architect of the 1994 Republican revolution that gave the GOP control of the U.S. House for the first time in 40 years.


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  • Could Mitch Daniels, the Republican governor of Indiana and former Bush Administration official, be a serious contender in 2012?

    Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana, isn't all that well known by the general public, yet he's seen as a very serious contender for the presidency if he decides to run in 2012.


    Daniels has a long and impressive resume in politics that has been capped by seven well-regarded years as Hoosier State governor.

    But even more importantly is the fact that Daniels is one of the few people in either party who seems willing to take on the nation's ever-growing debt problems. In a speech earlier this year, Daniels' compared the debt to the threat from Russia during the Cold War.

    In Indiana he has balanced the budget for four straight years without raising taxes, a record that has has many Republicans clamoring for a Daniels candidacy.

    Daniels isn't without problems though. His call for a "truce" on social issues has not gone over all with party activists. He did

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  • President Obama has a new political strategy: go BIG!

    From the moment President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden Sunday night, he has adopted a simple political mantra: be big.

    Not big as in tall but big as in magnanimous. Big as in inclusive.

    Obama's speech announcing bin Laden's death was somber and serious without any partisan cheerleading.

    His invitation to George W. Bush to join him at a wreath-laying at the Ground Zero was widely praised even though the former President declined.

    And, in explaining his decision not to release a photo of a deceased bin Laden Obama cited a shared set of American values -- in keeping with his broader appeal to our better angels.

    Going big isn't for everyone. South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said that the decision to keep the photo private was a mistake. So did liberal Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson.

    But, past political history tells us that presidents are at their best when they cast themselves as above-the-fray

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