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  • As the race for the GOP presidential nomination continues, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney battle to lead the crowded field of candidates.

    Get ready for Rick Perry versus Mitt Romney, round two.

    Tonight in Florida, the Republican candidates will gather on a debate stage for the second time in five days.  And the focus will be on the budding rivalry between Rick and Mitt.

    In the days following last week's California debate, Romney's campaign has hammered Perry for calling Social Security a "Ponzi scheme," arguing that language like that endangers the party's chances of beating President Obama next November.

    Said Romney last week: "If we nominate someone who the Democrats could correctly characterize as being against Social Security, we would be obliterated as a party."

    Expect Romney to hit Perry hard on Social Security tonight. The real question is how Perry will react. Does he reiterate his belief that the retirement system was flawed from the get-go?  Or does he try to moderate or at

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  • Michele Bachmann made waves at the Ames Straw Poll just weeks ago, but now with her campaign overshadowed by Rick Perry's, she struggles to find a voice that will keep her followers energized.

    What happened to Michele Bachmann?

    A month ago the Minnesota Republican Congresswoman was on top of the political world. She had won the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa and was being cast as the frontrunner in the Hawkeye State's caucuses next year

    No longer. Two new national polls released this week showed Bachmann's support cut in half. And, in Wednesday night's Republican debate in California Bachmann was a non-entity, often not even uttering a word for long stretches of time.

    There is no simple explanation for Bachmann's fade.

    The biggest factor is Texas Gov. Rick Perry's decision to run, a move that effectively sapped much of the Tea Party energy from Bachmann's campaign.

    But Bachmann herself has struggled to move beyond her fiery conservative rhetoric and find a second act in the race. And

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  • Rick Perry's rapidly growing popularity with the GOP will make him the focus of Wednesday's presidential debate.

    All eyes in Wednesday's Republican presidential debate will be on Rick Perry. It's the first time on the national debate stage for the Texas governor who has rapidly emerged as the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination.

    So, what should we expect from Perry?

    There's not all that much to go on. Perry refused to debate his Democratic opponent in the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race and hasn't even been on a debate stage in 18 months.

    Reviews of the debates in which he has appeared are mixed.  Most people see him as a serviceable if not spectacular debater.

    What we do know is that Perry has never been in a debate setting like this one. With the entire national press corps looking on, Perry will be poked and prodded -- both by the debate moderators and his opponents.

    Given his lead in national polling, Perry doesn't need a home run debate performance. But, he also

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