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  • In the past, Michele Bachmann's migraines have affected her availability to vote in the U.S. House, and even hospitalized her. Could they be strong enough to derail her presidential bid?

    Could migraines really affect Michele Bachmann's chances of becoming the Republican presidential nominee in 2012?

    That depends on the extent of the problem and whether there is any evidence that Bachmann's headaches have made it impossible for her to do the job in the past.

    Reports this week suggest that past migraines have forced Bachmann to miss votes in the U.S. House ... and have even sent her to the hospital.

    Seeking to stop the story in its tracks, Bachmann released a statement insisting that "my ability to function effectively has never been impeded by migraines and will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief."

    History suggests that Bachmann's health issues likely won't derail her presidential aspirations. John McCain won the Republican nomination in 2008 despite battling skin

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  • Political action comittees, or PACs, are a driving force in modern elections, moving vast sums of money in support of candidates. Now Super PACs, created in the wake of a 2010 Supreme Court ruling, can raise unlimited funds from almost any source.

    Super PACs are the hottest thing in politics these days.

    There's one supporting Mitt Romney, one attacking Mitt Romney. Heck even Steven Colbert has one!

    So what is a super PAC exactly?

    At its root, it's a political action committee -- hence PAC -- that can raise and spend money on elections. There are tens of thousands of federal state and local PACS. What makes these PACS "super" is that they can raise unlimited amounts of money from almost any source.

    They came into existence after a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that did away with the ban on corporations and labor unions from spending unlimited sums directly advocating for the election or defeat of candidates.

    While Colbert's Super PAC is for fun, partisans on both sides of the

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  • Michele Bachmann claims disaffected Democrats make up a part of the Tea Party movement, which is generally associated with the far right. Is there truth to her claim?

    Is the Tea Party a movement composed entirely of Republicans? Or is there such a thing as a Tea Party Democrat?

    Republicans have long argued that the tea party includes Americans of all different partisan stripes.  In announcing her presidential candidacy last month, Rep. Michele Bachmann said this about the Tea Party:

    "The liberals, and to be clear I'm NOT one of them, want you to think the Tea Party is the Right Wing of the Republican Party. But it's not. It's made up of disaffected Democrats, independents, people who've never been political a day in their life, libertarians, Republicans. We're people who simply want America back on the right track again."

    There's limited evidence that Bachmann is right.

    A 2010 Gallup poll showed that 15 percent of Democrats described themselves as Tea Party supporters although other

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  • NYSE stocks posting largest percentage decreases

    A look at the 10 biggest percentage decliners on New York Stock Exchange at the close of trading: Rackspace Hosting Inc. fell 17.7 percent to $32.39. Owens Illinois Inc. fell 8.8 percent to $28.58. Skechers ...

  • Final Glance: Gold companies

    Shares of some top gold companies were down at the close of trading: Barrick Gold Corp. fell $.32 or 1.9 percent, to $16.25. Gold Fields fell $.15 or 3.4 percent, to $4.30. GoldCorp. fell $.47 or 1.9 percent, ...

  • Antarctica Nearing Sea Ice Record High, But Arctic Ice Still Shrinking
    Antarctica Nearing Sea Ice Record High, But Arctic Ice Still Shrinking

    For an unprecedented third year in a row, Antarctica's sea ice is poised to smash a new record this month.

  • Scientists' colossal squid exam a kraken good show
    Scientists' colossal squid exam a kraken good show

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — It was a calm morning in Antarctica's remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a mile below the surface.

  • China's house prices fall further, economic gloom deepens

    By Xiaoyi Shao and Lu Jianxin BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Worries that China's economy may be slowing further intensified on Thursday as data showed home prices fell for the fourth straight month, adding to expectations that Beijing will need to do more to stimulate activity. For now, policy easing is likely to come in the form of help to the most vulnerable sectors, rather than more aggressive steps such as cutting interest rates, but authorities are ready to step in with bolder measures if unemployment rises, policy insiders told Reuters. ...

  • North Korea powerful temptation for some Americans
    North Korea powerful temptation for some Americans

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — One shouted about God's love as he crossed a frozen river, clutching a Bible. Another swam, drunk and naked. Several U.S. soldiers dashed around land mines.

  • NFL's Cardinals bench Jonathan Dwyer after assault arrest
    NFL's Cardinals bench Jonathan Dwyer after assault arrest

    Los Angeles (AFP) - Another NFL team benched a player Wednesday over suspicion of domestic violence, deepening the woes of America's richest and most popular sports league.

  • Instead of QE, the Fed Could Have Given $56,000 to Every Household in America
    Instead of QE, the Fed Could Have Given $56,000 to Every Household in America

    The Federal Reserve has been conducting a grand experiment since the U.S. economy tumbled into the Great Recession. After the housing market collapsed in 2008, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates ...

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