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The Fast Fix: ‘Woman’ problem for Obama Administration?

Chris Cillizza
The Fast Fix

A new book by Ron Suskind alleges that women have a tough time in the Obama White House.

Does the Obama White House have a "women" problem?

Reading the headlines over the last few days, you might think he does. In a new book by author Ron Suskind, there are allegations that the Obama White House was a less than friendly place for female staff -- many of whom left the administration.

But, a look at polling suggests that Obama's "women" problem, well, doesn't exist. At least not yet.

In the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, Obama's approval rating is at 47 percent among women as compared to 38 percent among men.  Ditto the latest Gallup weekly tracking poll that shows President Obama's job approval at 43 percent among women while it stands at 36 percent among men.

And, Obama carried women by 13 points in the 2008 election -- the biggest margin among female voters for a Democratic nominee since Bill Clintin in 1996.

Those numbers tell the story. But Obama's strong numbers among women don't mean that he and his team should avoid the storyline that Suskind's book has created.

In politics, small problems can become big ones in a hurry. Knowing this, the White House has moved aggressively to minimize the allegations regarding the treatment of women over the last 48 hours.

If the story is gone from the headlines in a week, it means the White House succeeded in squelching it. If not, it could spell longer term troubles for Obama with the women's vote.


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