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Best prank ever: Reverse pickpocketing

Good News

Utah Valley University student and YouTube magician Stuart Edge is making college students smile with his latest trick: Reverse pickpocketing.

Edge and his team headed out on campus to bless their fellow students by sneaking an extra $100 into their wallets. Thanks to a little misdirection, unusual hiding spots and some clever distraction, Edge and his cohorts were able to dole out $1,000 to unsuspecting students in need of a friendly pick-me-up.

"It's called 'reverse pickpocketing.' It's this new, cool thing that's going around,” Edge told one student after she discovered a new $100 bill in her purse.

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One student told Edge that the cash would help her buy Christmas gifts for her kids. Another grateful prank victim told the team she'd be able to cover rent this month because of their generosity.

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