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Powerball winner donates $2 million to Maine high school

Good News

Last month, 84-year-old Gloria C. MacKenzie become the biggest solo lottery winner in American history when she won a $590 million Powerball jackpot.

She took the lump-sum payout of $371 million.

And while she's been living under the radar in the weeks since her win — she has yet to say a single word about the record-breaking jackpot to the media — MacKenzie is quietly dolling out some of the winnings to her hometown of East Millinocket, Maine.

MacKenzie is set to give $2 million to Schenck High School, where her daughter teaches biology, to fix its leaky roof and gymnasium in need of repair.

Yesterday, school superintendent Quenten Clark confirmed the donation.

"They could've taken their money and gone anywhere," Clark said of the MacKenzie family. "They wanted to invest back into the community they've been part of for generations."

"It's a wonderful thing they're doing," Clark told USA Today. "We've been trying to figure out for two years what to do about this. Who knew it would take someone in the community winning the lottery?"

Clark told WCSH6 the donation likely saved the school from having to close.

He told the Bangor Daily News that he was told the family is establishing "some sort of charitable fund that they said they will do more, a lot more, for the community."

"We are very fortunate to have them in the community," said school board chairman Daniel Byron. "They take their heritage to heart when it comes to the town and helping the town out. It [the $2 million offer] is a great gesture on their part."

The MacKenzie family is not expected to comment publicly about the donation.

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