Carmen Electra debuts new song, ‘I Like It Loud’ – but what does rumored boyfriend Simon Cowell think about it?

The last time Carmen Electra released new music, Bill Clinton was in the White House (for his first term as president) and the Unabomber was on the loose. But now, 19 years later, the model-actress — who was actually discovered by Prince — is finally back with a new song, the dance-electronic Fergie-esque track "I Like It Loud," which was officially released on iTunes Tuesday. Since 1993, Electra has kept herself pretty busy with modeling and acting, but the entire time, "I've had this passion to get back into music," she tells omg!. "I feel very lucky because I've been able to do so many other things, and I love that. I need a variety in my life and my career. It's never boring. It's been challenging at times, but it's also been such an amazing ride. Deep down inside, throughout everything, I just still have this passion."

But Electra, 40, wasn't able to bring it to life until she was approached by Grammy-nominated producer Bill Hamel, who has worked with Madonna, U2, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake. "When I heard the track for 'I Like It Loud,' I just knew, 'This is me, I wanna do it! I wanna go for it,'" she raves. And the opportunity to work with Hamel, whom Electra describes as "a sick producer," was one that "I couldn't pass up." Although recording "I Like It Loud" was initially supposed to be just a one-time thing and only a single, it was such a great experience, Electra recently headed back into the studio to make a full-length album.

Electra's return to music was so top-secret, she didn't tell many people — including her rumored boyfriend, Simon Cowell. "I have not played it for him," she told omg! a week before "I Like It Loud" was released on November 13. "I don't think he even knows about it." And when he does, we have to assume the "X Factor" judge will not give his typical "That was absolute rubbish" critique if he wants to date the former Playboy cover girl.

Although the two have been spotted out on dates in Los Angeles, Electra is playing coy on the status of the relationship — at least publicly. "We're really good friends," she teases. "We worked together on 'Britain's Got Talent' and we just clicked. I just think he's so funny and so charming, and our personalities really get along well. We had great chemistry on camera, and now that he's in town doing 'X Factor,' we've had more time to hang out. I just adore him. I think he's a sweetheart!"

So then would she date him if he asked? "We would have to see," she says after a lot of nervous laughter that has us convinced they are already an item. As for what she looks for in a guy, Electra, who split from her fiancé Rob Patterson in early October after she was spotted out with Cowell, says she's a sucker for "the bad boy with a good heart" … which pretty much sums up "Mr. Nasty" Cowell, based on her description, doesn't it?

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