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  • Could you imagine being locked up for 18 years for a crime you know you didn’t commit?

    Well that happened to Anthony Graves. He spent almost two decades in jail for a gruesome massacre he had nothing to do with.

    Graves was released 3 years ago from Death Row after Houston-based lawyer and journalism professor Nicole Casarez was determined to set him free. She learned about the case intending to use it in her innocence investigations class.

    “The evidence started mounting that Anthony wasn’t there,” Casarez revealed.

    “That must make you so furious,” Katie said to Anthony.

    Anthony explained that he is blessed to have been released.

    “I would be so angry and so bitter and so full of rage,” Katie added.

    “See that’s why it didn’t happen to you, it happened to me!” Anthony joked.

    To learn more about The Innocence Project, or to read about similar stories, you can visit the Web site at http://www.innocenceproject.org/

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  • Breaking the Record on ‘Katie’

    You can’t have Dan Cortese, host of "Guinness World Records Gone Wild" on set without a little record-breaking.

    The series allows ordinary people to become extraordinary by giving them the opportunity to break world records. Stuart Claxton, the primary "Guinness Book of World Records" adjudicator was on set as well to make sure there was no funny business.

    We all know someone who has a dream of setting some type of world record, and today, two of Katie’s guests are giving it a go.

    First up is Raymond Butler who will be attempting to do a backflip – and land into a pair of sweatpants.

    “How did you get the crazy idea to do this, Ray?” Katie asked.

    It turns out it's life imitating art -- he got the idea after watching a commercial for pants.

    “Do you ever get tired of seeing stunts like this?” Katie asked Dan.

    “It beats working for a living. It’s so much fun.” Dan replied.

    Next up, Briana Messerschmidt who is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the most shoes removed by a dog

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  • Dr. Ruth Reveals Surprising Love for Turtles

    There’s a lot more to Dr. Ruth than just sex. She has had a very fascinating life, and now there is an Off-Broadway show called “Becoming Dr. Ruth” which explains it all. But Dr. Ruth just prefers to say “near” Broadway.

    “You’ve had this extraordinary, incredible life,” Katie said, “You survived the holocaust, you were a sniper in the Israeli army, it must be strange watching this play. Do you feel as if your life is flashing before your eyes?”

    “It’s not flashing before my eyes – I love it,” Dr. Ruth said. “I actually adore it.”

    Watching the show for Dr. Ruth has been a great experience, and she says that it paints a picture of who she truly is.

    “I have had a difficult life,” said Dr. Ruth. “I was an orphan at the age of 10. I lived in an orphanage, then was in Israel, and I was a sniper, and then I lived in Paris. It’s very interesting for me. I sit at the edge of my chair.”

    Before Dr. Ruth left, Katie had a few gifts for the famous therapist – some turtles.

    Why does the 85-year-old

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