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  • Comedian Aziz Ansari Stops By Katie

    Funny man Aziz Ansari brought the laughs to Katie earlier this week – during a wide-ranging conversation, including his new Netflix special, arranged marriages and possibly his No. 1 love – Shake Shack – but first, Katie wanted to know what it was like being a comedian.

    “Are comedians pretty supportive of one another, generally?” Katie asked.

    “Yeah, but we’re also shy and insecure people in a lot of ways. It’s weird that we sign up to do a show where we’re going to get made fun of and feel bad about ourselves,” Aziz said, when discussing the art of comedy roasting.

    Aziz’s new comedy special “Buried Alive” focuses on the turning points in his life – turning 30, and watching his friends getting married and having children.

    The topic quickly transitioned to arranged marriages. Aziz’s parents had been arranged and have been happily married for almost 33 years.

    “Does that mean that sometimes arranged marriages can work?” Katie wondered.

    “I mentioned this in the special – whenever they’ve

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  • YouTube Sensation Michelle Phan Visits with Katie

    Michelle Phan started making YouTube videos back in 2007 – and now 6 years later – she has over 4.5 million subscribers and a makeup line. Michelle sat with Katie to talk about her motivation – and how she gave back to her mother.

    “It was my love for beauty. There is something about beauty that draws me,” Michelle says, “to wanting to inspire women to look and feel beautiful.”

    So she started making simple beauty tutorials.

    “Millions and millions of people have gone to you for advice, is that a shock to you, that it became so popular so quickly?” Katie asked.

    “I didn’t think I was doing anything different or special,” Michelle admits.

    It turns out that many people related to her – and she decided to dedicate her time and passion to her videos.

    She also launched Em Cosmetics.

    “Obviously, you’ve made this extraordinary career for yourself,” Katie said, “that’s so impressive.”

    What’s more impressive is Michelle’s relationship with her mother. Her mother – a Vietnamese immigrant – came to

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  • What The Foxx Says

    Jamie Foxx has a lot going on these days, and even with a busy schedule, he still has time to be a pretty cool dad.

    Jamie is currently shooting his new movie "Annie," in which he will play the Daddy Warbucks character. He even gave Katie some insight into how his character will be portrayed on the big screen.

    "I'm [playing] a cellular phone mogul," Jamie said, "running through the streets of New York, trying to be Mayor."

    Cameron Diaz will also star in the much anticipated movie.

    "How funny is that?" said Katie.

    "She's hilarious," Jamie noted, "It's great to be able to do something that's going to be looked at for years."

    "Well, I’m looking forward to seeing it, because I love the musical,” Katie added.

    One person who is also sure to love the movie is Jamie’s youngest daughter Annalise – who just turned 5 – and had a pretty great surprise at her recent birthday party.

    “We had an 'Iron Man' theme party, and she says, ‘Dad, I told everybody I know Tony Stark,’" Jamie recalled. "I said,

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