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  • The Hidden World of Counterfeit Purses

    Things aren’t always what they seem to be. Buying a fake watch or handbag might seem like a cheap thrill, but the profits can sometimes go toward even bigger illegal activities, such as child labor and terrorism.

    Factories in India, China and Japan create carbon copies of the latest “it” bags, and then ship them off to big cities like New York and Miami, where they are then sold to consumers looking for a good deal.

    “It’s very inexpensive to produce,” said Hitha Prabhakar, author of the book “Black Market Billions.” “They end up putting [the counterfeit goods] in these unmarked containers and sending it overseas -- which are then delivered by boat to ports all over the country.”

    The fake goods ends up not only on the streets, but in stores and online.

    “How do you stop these products from coming into the country?” Katie asked.

    “The only way we’re going to solve this problem is by educating the consumer,” said James Dinkins, Executive Associate Director, Homeland Security

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  • Mariam Pare had dreams of being an artist since she was a little girl.

    An accidental shooting left Mariam, 37, a quadriplegic and took her motor skills away. But Mariam's dreams could not be crushed.

    "I learned that I could write my name by holding a pen in my mouth and I figured I could use this technique to paint with, and I just practiced and taught myself to paint using my mouth," said the Chicago resident.

    "How hard was that?" Katie asked.

    "It was really hard and frustrating," Mariam answered, but as time went on she got better at it.

    After attending an artist convention, she learned about an organization, Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, which helps members make a career out of their passion. She met a painter who also used his mouth to paint. The man encouraged Mariam to apply. She put together a portfolio of her work, and 4 months later, was accepted into the program.

    "I was accepted as a student member and scholarship recipient," said Mariam who paints in various mediums

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  • How Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Lost His Last Name

    Benedict Cumberbatch, the U.K.’s Sexiest Man Alive (twice, by the way) stopped by Katie to discuss his new film “The Fifth Estate” where he plays the infamous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

    Benedict might have the best name in show business, but his last name could have been unknown.

    “Have you ever thought about changing it? I love it!” Katie asked.

    “There was one moment at the beginning of my career when I was called Benedict Carleton, which is my middle name,” he said, “It didn’t really ride very well.”

    It wasn’t until he met with a new agent that the suggestion to use his real name came up.

    “Why on earth aren’t you calling yourself Benedict Cumberbatch?” his new agent asked.

    “Well because it sounds like a fart-in-a-bath,” he replied.

    “You’re the ‘it’ guy right now. I feel like you’re everywhere. Is it a little bit overwhelming, is it exciting?” Katie asked.

    “I’m enjoying it,” Benedict said.

    He’s trying to relish the moment. He admits that at times it can be overwhelming.

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