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  • Blair Underwood Looks Back at His Big Breaks

    Blair Underwood spoke to Katie recently and discussed his interesting career in television -- from a dancing extra on "The Cosby Show" to one of the many boyfriends on "Sex and the City” to a wheelchair-bound cop in his newest show "Ironside."

    “Well that must have been fun to be a part of 'The Cosby Show,'” Katie noted.

    “It was ‘85, they were in the very first season,” Blair said, “just to be on that show it opened up a lot of doors.”

    Blair and Katie went on to discuss how "Cosby" changed attitudes regarding African-Americans in the 1980s.

    “It sounds so antiquated here in 2013, but back then it was a new experience for a lot of viewers,” Katie explained.

    “It was groundbreaking at the time,” Blair said, “unbelievably so.”

    What about Blair’s contribution to “Sex and the City”? Well, that almost didn’t happen.

    Blair initially turned the show down. He didn’t like the storyline and its relation to race.

    Race wasn’t an issue the second time around. Two years later the producers came back

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  • Judge Judy Talks Pastrami and … Presidency?

    Katie had lunch with Judge Judy at Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side in New York City to discuss health, politics and why Katz’s Deli is so special.

    “[My husband] Jerry and I came here the night before I went to California to shoot the pilot for my show,” Judy revealed.

    Katie and Judy then placed their orders – the duo decides to share - starting out with a frankfurter and of course Katz’s famous pastrami sandwich.

    “My husband thinks she should run for President!” a woman yells across the restaurant which starts a whole new topic -– will Judge Judy run?

    “Would you ever get involved in politics? I think you would win,” Katie said.

    “I don’t like rule by committee,” Judy responded, ending her political career entirely. “I don’t need any of that -– I have a good gig.”

    Judy also gives Katie a tip on how to handle that pastrami sandwich: “Take off the bread and use a knife and fork,” she said. “You’ll live longer.”

    When it comes to health, Judy has a set of rules. She and Jerry eat two

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  • David Arquette joined Katie to discuss his new show "Dream School" where 15 high-risk students who have faced various struggles -- bullying, pregnancy, teachers giving up on them -- are placed inside a "dream school" with famous teachers.

    So, who are some of the personalities we can expect to see? Teaching finance is none other than Suze Orman. And for debate, expect to see Jesse Jackson. Oliver Stone and Swizz Beatz are also on the dream school faculty. And Arquette makes an awesome homeroom teacher.

    “Why did you want to get involved in this project?” Katie asked.

    “Well, Jamie Oliver did a series like this in the U.K., and they showed it to me and it was just amazing,” Arquette explained. “I was a bit of a troublemaker in school, bit of a troublemaker still. I thought that I could relate to the kids and I thought it would be an adventure.”

    He was also open regarding his addiction to alcohol and his struggles with his recent divorce from actress Courteney Cox. He explained that this

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