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  • From food stamps to a MacArthur Grant to owning his own dance studio – Kyle Abraham has had a rough journey. He sat down with Katie to discuss his struggles, and how things have a way of turning around.

    Kyle grew up in Pittsburgh, but got his start in dance pretty late.

    “The funny thing is for me, starting at around 17, I was think that whole time I was going to be a choreography,” he explained, “The people at SUNY Purchase - they must have seen something special in me.”

    School left Kyle in debt, even with awards and grants – over $100,000. Kyle went on to start a dance company, Abraham.In.Motion, but then received devastating news, which put his dreams on hold.

    He found out that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so finding a balance was difficult. Kyle had to go on food stamps for a while to help ease the financial burden.

    Things started to turn around when the MacArthur Foundation – which recognizes artistic excellence – awarded Kyle an award.

    “How did it happen, and what

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  • Grace Hightower De Niro, wife of Robert, or Bobby as some may say, stopped by to talk about her marriage – and how she met the award-winning actor.

    “What is your secret to a happy, long lasting marriage?” Katie asked.

    “I would say a lot of give and take, standing your ground, because then you keep the respect you started out with,” Grace said.

    The pair have been together for 21 years – and their story is right out of a movie. Grace says she was working as a hostess at Mr. Chow restaurant when her soon-to-be husband walked in.

    “I didn’t know who he was,” Grace said.

    “Really?” Katie asked.

    “Really,” she replied.

    Long story short – Robert kept asking Grace questions – about the tables, about the menu …

    “This guy is really annoying you,” Katie noted.

    Grace agreed.

    She went downstairs to talk to her co-worker about the difficult client – and it wasn’t until then she learned who he was – and the error she had made by brushing him off.

    “Michael Chow said, ‘There is only one person who has

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  • Jeff Corwin Brings the Jungle to Katie

    Jeff Corwin (and a few of his friends) stopped by to talk (and scare) Katie.

    First up was Katie’s favorite, a reptile.

    “I don’t usually get this cozy with my guests – but, honestly – yikes,” Katie said.

    “Don’t tell me you’re looking at a nice pair of boots,” Jeff responded.

    Can you guess what the animal was?

    It was an alligator. Fred the Alligator, to be exact.

    Next up was something a little less scary, but an equally impressive reptile -- the largest freshwater turtle in the Americas known as the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

    “We don’t even know how long they live,” he said.

    This particular reptile is 30-40 years old. The one Jeff brought with him was rescued from Hurricane Katrina and found on an old country road in Texas.

    The last creature Jeff presented to the crowd was a lizard: a Black-Throated Monitor.

    The lizard uses his tongue to pick up microscopic particles. And to scare the living daylights out of Katie.

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