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  • What Everyone Who Wants to Win the Lottery Should Know

    Katie's Take

    Most people dream about winning the lottery. Buying a European villa. A fleet of luxury cars. Quitting their job and spending their days traveling the globe. But most people don’t think about the financial planning that lottery winners face; and the financial tips that all people who play the lottery should know.

    Financial expert and President of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Robert Pagliarini, works to help people that have come into sudden wealth, and he says that there are important tips to deal with the psychological and emotional factors that come along with your new fortune.

    “You go through this honeymoon phase: there is a lot of excitement, you are buying things, but after a few months, that’s when reality sets in,” Pagliarini says, describing the crucial moment when lottery winners either set themselves out on a path of continued financial success or down a road to financial doom.

    Pagliarini says that for those playing the lottery, there are crucial questions that

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    Can you imagine a life without your devices? No Smartphone. A status update desert. A flightless Twitter bird. The thought alone may be terrifying. Author and Comedian Baratunde Thurston did it – and survived to tell the tale.

    The constant digital presence of the self-proclaimed “social media guy,” caused Thurston to hit a point of mental exhaustion.

    “What I realized first was how much time I spent trying to think of things to say. Like, what is the caption for this moment of my life?” Thurston said. It was then that he decided to step back from his digital persona for twenty-five days, and he felt a difference instantly.

    “Not every experience needs to be documented. And in over-documenting, we often don’t experience the experience,” he said, “And I really didn’t realize how true that was until I shut down for a little while,” said Thurston.

    Thurston says it is easier than you may think to take a digital vacation, but in order to do it successfully; you have to let people

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    Everyone loves a deal but what everyone might not know is that you never have to pay full price. Ever. Shopping expert Mark Ellwood has the tips to get you all access deals on everything you buy.

    According to Ellwood, it may not be where you shop but when you shop that can alter the number on your receipts. And lucky for us, July is the best month to shop. The reason being is that mid-Summer is liquidation time for stores, as they are between holiday and fashion seasons. The month to avoid the mall, says Ellwood, is April. With tax returns lining people’s bank accounts, they feel rich and want to treat themselves and retailers know that which is why you will find far less discounts during the Spring months.

    But you can get deals from the comfort of your own home by using sites like shopittome.com where you can pick your favorite brands or stores and be alerted via email when they are having sales or offering exclusive discounts. Companies are paying attention to your online

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