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  • Music for the Bravest Kids in the World

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    When Alastair Moock’s daughter, Clio, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the folk singer-songwriter used his passion to inspire her power to heal. With Clio's help, Moock began writing and singing songs to help ease Clio's physical pain as well as the emotional toll that it required to overcome the potentially fatal disease.

    Inspired by the therapeutic power he saw in this process, Alistair is now working to bring this creative healing to more children with Clio's condition. With the release of his album Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World’s Bravest Children, Moock goes one step further. Expanding his vision of bringing strength to the children diagnosed with the illness to provide inspiration to their families as well-especially the siblings of those with life-threatening conditions.

    Moock saw that not only did his music hold a special power for Clio, but writing and performing songs also allowed her twin sister, Elsa, to receive some attention.

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    Our body language can tell the world a lot about us. People draw conclusions about how confident or insecure we may be simply through our gestures and posture. But what does our body language say to us? According to Amy Cuddy, psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, we can change our outcomes by simply adjusting the way we carry ourselves.

    Through Cuddy’s research she has defined what she calls ‘power poses.’ These poses involve making ourselves big, with outstretched arms and legs. This body language can actually change how we feel by increasing our testosterone production, a hormone that gives us energy and confidence, while decreasing our cortisol levels which is a hormone associated with elevated stress levels.

    Cuddy believes that by simply striking a power pose, you can infuse yourself with the confidence and self assurance you need to achieve your goals. She suggests trying these poses before job interviews, speeches or important meetings.

    No, you don’t

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  • Protect Yourself! No-Nonsense Self Defense

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    A violent crime against a woman occurs every five minutes in the United States. With such staggering statistics, women need to be prepared to protect themselves. Gabrielle Rubin, founder of Female Awareness, suggests that every woman take a self defense class. She joined Katie Couric in studio to share some basic techniques to keep yourself safe.

    Rubin says that women can avoid an attack before it happens but simply being aware of their surroundings. In a day in age when people are tethered to their devices, we are often focused on our phones or wearing headphones so we are not in tune with our surroundings. By carrying yourself with confidence, keeping your hands free and looking people in the eye when they approach you – you decrease your chances of being a target.

    Even while taking precautions, it is good to have safety devices on you. There are a variety of choices on the market from the go-to pepper spray or something as simple as a pocket flashlight. Rubin

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