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  • Simple Steps for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Katie's Take

    A positive pregnancy test will change the lives of expecting parents forever, and the journey can seem overwhelming. Pregnant women can be bombarded with advice and are given endless options for resources on maternity dos and don’ts. To help us navigate the prenatal voyage, Katie talked with Alison Bernstein, editor of TheBump.com.

    The first misconception that Bernstein pointed out is the idea of “eating for two.” When women take in too many calories and gain more than the healthy 25-35 pounds, they put themselves at risk of cesarean section delivery or premature birth. Pregnant women actually only need an extra 300 calories per day, and even fewer during their first trimester. That's about the number of calories found in turkey sandwich. Instead of indulging in cravings and extra meals, expectant mothers should incorporate smart snacks like fruit with yogurt, or whole-wheat toast, to boost their caloric intake. Bernstein recommends six to seven small meals every two to

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  • Secrets to Living Longer

    Katie's Take

    We may have all sought the Fountain of Youth at one point or another. But it may be easier to find than you may think. Chief Health and Medical Editor for ABC News, Dr. Richard Besser, met with Katie Couric to share some simple tips on living a long and full life.

    It is no secret that taking care of our bodies is an integral part of maintaining our overall health. But exercising our minds can be just as important. Dr. Besser urges us to “use it or lose it” and believes that we need to take on new challenges in order to live longer. Activities like learning to speak a new language, play an instrument or participating in dance lessons can promote active brain function and increase personal fulfillment.

    Dr. Besser also encourages people to avoid getting wrapped up in a digital world and invest in their analog relationships. Social connectedness and engagement in the world around us promotes a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that higher levels of social connectedness

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  • Watch Your Mouth!

    Katie's Take

    Taking a seat in the dentist chair goes far beyond maintaining a healthy smile. Our mouths are the gateways to our bodies and can tell us more about our health than we may think. A dentist can detect nearly 120 medical conditions in their early stages. Dr. Jonathan Levine, an oral health expert and aesthetic dentist practicing in New York City, talked to Katie Couric about how good oral health can affect our overall health.

    Not caring for our teeth can lead to periodontal (gum) disease which has become all too common in our country, with one in every two Americans suffering from some form of gum disease. The inflammation caused by gum disease can be linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pancreatic cancer and preterm birth. Research also suggests that oral bacteria may be linked to heart disease, arterial blockages and stroke.

    Unfortunately, 31 million Americans do not have access to dental health care. This is what Dr. Levine calls ‘the unspoken epidemic’ but

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