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    Between parties, family get-togethers and, for many of us, lots of travel, it's no wonder people are prone to gaining weight during the holiday season. In fact, Americans gain, on average, between one to two pounds from Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I spoke to fitness and Pilates expert Brooke Siler to get a few pointers on winning the battle of the holiday bulge.

    According to Brooke, one of best things you can do is keep moving, especially while traveling, and it's not as hard as you might think.  Brooke says she has no problem doing lunges down the airplane aisle! It might get you a few funny looks, but exercise and stretching are very important to do, especially when you're stuck in a cramped airline seat for hours.

    Stretching is not only important for blood flow and circulation,  it can also help reduce holiday related stress by loosening up our bodies and allowing us to breathe more freely.

    Brooke says that there should be no excuse to miss a workout during the

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    We've all heard the statistics.  Half of all marriages end in divorce, and that number rises to 67% for second marriages.

    But before you're singing that old country song "D-I-V-O-R-C-E," what are the telltale signs that your love is on the rocks, and how can you fix the problem before it's too late?

    That's the question we posed to therapist and relationship expert Rachel Sussman, author of "The Breakup Bible."

    While there can be many factors that lead to a breakup, including simply growing apart, Rachel says infidelity is the biggest single reason why marriages hit the skids.  But it's possible to work through even the most serious of problems if couples come to the table willing to acknowledge what made it work in the first place, what isn't working now, and how to move forward.

    She says too many people throw in the towel too early, and advises counseling and trying to reestablish the relationship before resorting to divorce.

    A lot of couples with children may struggle

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  • Katie's TakeIf you've ever been skittish about trying online dating, here's a statistic that might help you take the plunge: 17% of marriages this year began on the Internet.

    In fact, at least 40 million Americans have tried online dating. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're all doing it correctly, so we got a few pointers for you from Laurie Davis, the founder of eFlirt and author of "Love at First Click."

    To avoid looking for love in all the wrong cyber spaces (sorry, couldn't resist) Laurie, who met her fiance online, says you first need to build a profile that stands out. Post four to seven photos, but don't be creepy…nothing shirtless or bikini-clad. As far as your description goes, she says you should avoid generic adjectives like "fun-loving" or "adventurous." Let people know what makes you unique!

    Also, buyer beware…there can be a fair amount of false advertising in online dating. For example, some people post photographs of themselves that aren't really an accurate

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