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    The dating world can be tough for anybody, but dating as a single parent presents some unique challenges.

    Martine Byer is a psychotherapist and author of "Sex and the Single Parent," and she sat down with me to talk through all the ins and outs of these potentially tricky waters.  First, she discusses the need for time management and always putting your child first while allotting some time for dates or meeting new people.

    There is also the delicate issue of talking to your children about your personal life.  Byer recommends having an open conversation to learn how your children feel about you seeing other people, while assuring them that they are still your number one priority.

    It is also important to be tactful when introducing your child to a new love interest.  For instance, many single parents worry that their child may dislike the person they've chosen to date. If this is the case, Byer advises respecting your child's concerns, trying to find a compromise and making

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    Remember that old song by the Carpenters, "Rainy Days and Mondays?"  Sometimes feeling down or experiencing a case of the blues can be chalked up to a bad day, but sometimes it's something more serious.

    Psychotherapist Dr. Ellen McGrath defines depression as a mood disorder that is biological, psychological and social.  If you've been experiencing symptoms like a loss of appetite, lack of energy, changes in your sleeping patterns and a withdrawal from your ordinary activities, especially if those symptoms last for longer than two weeks,  you may have depression and should seek treatment.

    Depression may make people feel isolated, but they are hardly alone in their struggle.  19 million Americans have been diagnosed with depression, and statistics show one in four adults will experience it at some point in their lives.

    But the good news is, with increased awareness and better diagnosis more and more people are seeking (and receiving) treatment.  56% of all depression

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    When should you start planning for your retirement?

    The answer is…yesterday.  In short, it's never too early to save for the future.

    Unfortunately, a third of all Americans don't even have a savings account and just 23% of people under age 29 have a retirement plan.

    Alexa von Tobel, CEO of the personal finance site LearnVest.com, explains that most 20-somethings simply don't know enough about money.  Personal finance isn't a course most people take in school despite the fact that we make, on average, 6-10 financial decisions every day.

    It can also seem impossible to find extra money to set aside when so many recent college grads are drowning in a sea of student loan debt.  (The average grad owes $25,000.)  In fact, I read last year that for the first time student loan debt exceeded credit card debt, topping $1 trillion for all outstanding loans in the U.S.

    But despite all this, there are ways to save and simple steps to put you on the right track. Von Tobel recommends a

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