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  • The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

    Today Katie is going to teach us how to make the ultimate breakfast smoothie with the help of
    David Jack from Men’s Health magazine.

    “I noticed kale,” Katie said, “and I’m really into kale these days. I think everybody is – it’s so trendy”
    Well, not only is it trendy, it’s super nutritious.

    “Will that not make the smoothie taste a little nasty?” Katie asked.

    “Let’s see what happens” , David said.

    Some other ingredients that were not as questionable are absolute staples for all you health nuts out there
    looking to make a killer breakfast smoothie.

    -Banana will give your smoothie texture.
    -Almond butter will also add great flavor has essential fats.
    -Agave nectar.

    Is agave really that much better for you than honey?, Asked Katie
    “It’s a great natural sweetener,” David noted.

    Also, ch-ch-ch-Chia –it’s not just a commercial from the 90’s, it packs a punch
    and is also a good source of fiber.

    -Greek yogurt adds protein and vitamin D.

    “Are there some things you should never put in a

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  • Clearing The Air: E-Cigarettes

    E-Cigarettes are everywhere these days, in fact they are now a one billion dollar business.
    But just because they don’t contain actual tobacco, are they safe? Not necessarily.

    Dr. Richard Besser stopped by to clear the air.

    “What is it and how does it work?” Katie asked
    “It produces an aerosol or a mist so that it feels like you’re smoking,” Dr. Besser said, “but it’s delivering nicotine which is the stimulant in
    cigarettes and that’s the addictive part.”

    Regular cigarettes have other harmful ingredients such as tar and other chemicals.

    “Are they safe?” Katie wondered.

    “We don’t know. Currently there haven’t been studies done,” he said. “We don’t know what you’re receiving apart from the nicotine.”

    It turns out that the E-Cig companies aren’t required to release that information.

    But can they help wean you off actual cigarettes?

    “That’s the big hope,” Dr. Besser said, “So far there’s not a lot of studies.”

    Supposedly 7 percent of e-cigarettes users have been able to quit the habit, while 6

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  • Going to any holiday parties this year? Then you’re not going to want to miss this.

    Author and etiquette expert Mark Ellwood sat down with Katie to discuss what’s in and what’s out when it comes to party rules – and some may shock you.

    “Is paper out?” Katie asked.

    Mark explained that electronic is the way to go.

    “Paper invitations are beautiful – but people just lose them,” said Mark.

    But when it comes to thank you notes, snail mail is the way to go.

    “A thank you email is thought-less, not thought-full.” Mark noted.

    And what about cell phones? We all do it. It’s rude to check your phone during dinner. If you are someone who has anxiety every time you put your phone down, you might want to stay home. Mark suggests setting up a charge station in your home so that guests won’t have access to their mobile devices.

    “You have some chargers ready in a room,” Mark said.

    “You say the new rule is phones should be neither seen nor heard. Kind of like children, right?” Katie said with a laugh.

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