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  • Have you ever had a dream to go into a different career?

    Well Katie is making that happen with her new segment called “Fantasy for a Day.” She’s making dreams come true. Maybe you want to be a chef or a comedian … or in Katie’s case – a hair stylist.

    Katie agreed to be the guinea pig – but she’s only cut hair twice – and both times didn’t turn out so well. So Tabatha Coffey, hairstylist and host of Bravo's “Tabatha Takes Over” stopped by to help Katie fine tune her skills.

    “I’ve always wanted to learn how to cut and style hair,” Katie admitted.

    “We’ll learn a couple of basics to fulfill the haircut desire,” Tabatha said. “Just go for it.”

    And how did it go?

    “I’ve seen better,” Tabatha said bluntly.

    After some practice Katie did get better.

    “It’s not too bad, we need to work on a couple things, like making sure it’s even,” Tabatha noted.

    “It’s much harder than I ever imagined,” said Katie, “I’m gonna leave it to the professional to finish the job.”

    So can Katie cut hair for a living?

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  • Funny Business with Vince Vaughn

    Funnyman Vince Vaughn stopped by Katie to talk about his new movie “Delivery Man” and how he decided to go into the comedy business.

    “When did you realize, Vince, that you are funny?” Katie asked.

    “For me, I think my parents always had a sense of humor about life. I just always liked to laugh and also I wasn’t very good in school,” Vince admits, “so I figured if I could make jokes, I could distract everyone for how bad I am at the chalkboard.”

    Vince is a towering 6 feet 5 inches: “I was one of those kids who was average height and couldn’t control his body one summer.”

    “You are known for being a part of this Frat Pack,” Katie noted. It's a group of actors who appear in each other's movies (Will Ferrell, the Wilson Brothers, etc.).

    “Do you guys hang out together and have playdates?” Katie asked.

    Vince says he does see cast members occasionally, but it’s difficult with busy filming schedules and family life.

    “Sometimes I see people. Usually you’re working and you have your families and

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  • Anjelica Huston joined Katie to discuss her new book, “A Story Lately Told” and her very successful career in Hollywood.

    Many know Anjelica as Morticia Addams from "The Addams Family" movies, and many Wes Anderson films, but she also has a very interesting background. Anjelica is the daughter of director John Huston, and the third generation of her family to win an Academy Award. But she didn’t start out as an actress.

    "When you were in your late teens, you started modeling," Katie noted. "How did you get into modeling?"

    "I think the first photographs I ever did were for Glamour Magazine in London," Anjelica said. "I didn't know what I was doing, but I had a good time with it."

    During the course of her modeling career, Anjelica encountered some harsh criticism due to her unconventional looks.

    "I went to see Eileen Ford, who was the major model agency at the time," Anjelica recalls, "She said have you ever considered a nose job?"

    "That must have been hard," Katie said.

    "It was hard,

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