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  • Many women lie about their age -- but Christie Brinkley doesn’t. She’s turning 60. The only problem is that nobody believes her because the model “uptown girl” doesn’t look a day over 30.

    “You have a big celebration coming up in February,” Katie said.

    “Yes … yes. It’s my big 6-0,” Christie admitted. “I’ve been 50 for about 9 years now. So it’s a big change to go from 50 to 60.”

    “You’ve got this new hair line, what is that about?” Katie asked.

    Well, it turns out that Christie has created a synthetic hair line called Hair2Wear.

    “I’m so excited about it,” she said. “It has all the advantages of hair but none of the disadvantages.”

    Christie’s line looks incredibly real for synthetic hair and she promises it won’t frizz or lose its shape.

    “I’ve always wanted to have a ponytail,” Katie noted.

    Well, Christie was able to grant Katie’s wish. Take a look.

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  • Your Best Bets for Winter Boots

    Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief for Lucky Magazine stopped by to discuss an important Winter trend – Boots.

    It can be hard to decide what’s in and what’s out, so Eva and Katie are making it easy for all the women out there looking to get on the boot boat.

    “Boots are bigger than ever it seems to me,” said Katie.

    Eva agreed. “They keep you warm, they’re stylish,” Eva said, “and now there’s a style for every woman.”

    So what are the three boots every woman should own?

    Over the Knee Boots:

    “They’re towering next to me right now,” said the Lucky editor.

    “Pair them with a skinny jean or a big coat.” Eva recommends OTK boots with a stacked heel because they are sportier and better for everyday activities.

    The Motorcycle Boot:

    The motorcycle boot is even more trendy this season. Perfect for going out or getting an edgier look a la Kate Moss.

    “They’re super comfortable,” Eva said. “My daughter stole mine, so I’m in the market for a new pair,” Katie admitted.

    High-heeled Ankle Boot:

    The last trend for

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  • Jessica Lange has had a lengthy acting career, but she’s quickly becoming well known to a younger generation. Her work on Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” has gained her an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress.

    Now Lange will be known to an even younger audience – she took time off from playing a witch on the series third installment “Asylum” – to write a children’s book titled “It’s About a Little Bird.”

    “How did you happen to write a children’s book in your spare time?” Katie asked.

    “It wasn’t a deliberate project,” Jessica admits, “I wanted to make a little handmade book for my granddaughters for their Christmas present.”

    Jessica used her own photography to fill the book – and she even hand-tinted the photos.

    Not only does the book contain Jessica’s photography, it also contains a recipe for banana bread.

    “Where did the recipe come from?” Katie wondered. Jessica included her mother’s recipe as a tribute.

    “I just thought, what a beautiful little thing to include in the book.”


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