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Banish Those Bingo Wings

Katie's Take

We are in the midst of summer, those lovely three months ayear that are filled with beach days and backyard barbecues. But if your winterarms didn’t get the memo that sundress and tank top season are in full swing,fear not – Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Tracy Anderson has the workout that willhelp you say bye-bye those flabby triceps otherwise known as “bingo wings.” Andit may be easier than you think.

 “You will see improvements to your arms faster than you willon other, more stubborn problem areas of your body,” says Anderson.

 But the key to achieving toned muscles may be by utilizingone specific, and unexpected, muscle – the brain.

 “We have over 600 muscles in our body,” Anderson explains.“Most forms of fitness can only get to 200. If we use our brain activity tofire the movements and we stay engaged, we can actually get to about 400 ofthese muscles.”

 By participating in mentally challenging activities, you areforced to think about the exercise that you are doing as you are doing it. Forexample, if you alternate the pattern of your weight lifting or the order inwhich you do an exercise, you are constantly thinking about what is coming nextand automatically use a greater amount of physical and mental energy in yourworkout. This will lead to more dramatic results in a shorter amount of time.

 “I like to do things where you are swinging (your arms) awayat various degrees and angles,” Anderson says. She also recommends usinglighter weights (or no weights at all), which allow you to do more complicatedmovements that dually simulate your brain and allow you to create evenly tonedarms.

 Focusing on you working and toning your arms can be good foryour overall fitness routine. Anderson suggests incorporating arm exercisesinto your regular workout, which can drastically increase the number ofcalories you are burning overall. So add some arm raises while you burn it onthe elliptical machine or add light weights or arm bands to your morning jog.By having all of your muscle groups work together, you can achieve amazingresults and show off your summer arms before fall rolls in.

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