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You Only Live Once

Katie's Take

It's hard to believe we're just a month away from the launch of my new daytime show.  This year has flown by and been really exciting.

We've been having a lot of fun coming up with story and segment ideas that I hope you'll enjoy, and one of my favorites is called "YOLO."  That stands for "You Only Live Once" and it comes from a Drake song.

I bet you didn't know I was a Drake fan!

YOLO is like a bucket list, things I really want to do or try.

I've already gotten to burn rubber in a stock car with Danica Patrick and perform with the Parrothead-in-Chief Jimmy Buffet and his Reeferettes.

You'll see those moments on the show this fall, but just so you know, Danica and I clocked 180 miles per hour.

What can I say?  I have a need for speed.

But I don't want to be the only one having all the fun.  I'd like to make some of your YOLO dreams come true, too!

Go to katiecouric.com/yolo for instructions on how to send me a YOLO video.

Why not?  After all, you only live once!

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