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  • Firefighter’s widow describes text messages before husband died

    Mike Krumboltz at The Lookout3 yrs ago

    Juliann Ashcraft, widow of Andrew Ashcraft, who was one of the 19 firefighters who died while battling the Arizona wildfire on Sunday, spoke to "Today" about the final text messages she exchanged with her husband.

    Juliann said she sent her husband a photo of their four children, all under 6, swimming. Juliann told "Today" that Andrew replied that he missed and loved them. He also asked his wife to tell their oldest son that he was proud of him for speaking at their church and that he was sorry he had missed it.

    "He sent a photo of where he was sitting and what the fire looked like for them, at their lunch spot," Juliann told "Today." "It still did not look as catastrophic as it turned out to be, but it was interesting to have that perspective, to know what life was like for him on the fire lines and know what he risked day in and day out."

    Juliann said her husband was "the most amazing man, the best person I know." She said Andrew had a "contagious smile and a heart of gold."

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  • Man who became paralyzed after saving drowning girl dies at 43

    Mike Krumboltz at The Lookout3 yrs ago

    Michael Patterson, the 43-year-old Georgia man who dived into a creek to save a 4-year-old girl from drowning and became paralyzed from the chest down during the rescue, died after spending three weeks in a hospital, The Associated Press reports.

    Patterson's family shared the news on Facebook.

    Patterson's bravery left many, including the woman whose daughter he rescued, stunned. "He jumped in head first and after I grabbed her, I looked back and he was floating on top of the water," Carlissa Jones told after Patterson's injury, which occurred on June 8.

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  • New Yorker’s ‘Sesame Street’ cover draws mixed reactions

    Mike Krumboltz at The Lookout3 yrs ago

    The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act has resulted in one of the New Yorker's more memorable covers.

    On it, Sesame Street residents Bert and Ernie cuddle on the couch while watching the announcement on television.

    Of course, the rumors of Bert and Ernie being more than roommates is nothing new (more on that later). But neither, it seems, is the artwork on the New Yorker's cover.

    The magazine acknowledged that the drawing was first uploaded to the Web over a year ago by artist Jack Hunter. Hunter posted the artwork on a Tumblr blog in May 2012. Gawker has the two pieces of art, side by side.

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  • Chat with the crew of the solar plane as it completes its journey across America

    Max Zimbert at The Lookout3 yrs ago

    The solar plane is scheduled to land early Sunday morning in New York City and complete a historic first as the only solar plane to fly across America day and night--and without fuel.

    Join the Swiss-based staff of the Solar Impulse as they take your questions and explain the flight instruments, tactics and technology.

    The Solar Impulse weighs as much as a sedan and flies at 40 mph on average. The plane's journey began in San Jose in March with stops in Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Washington D.C. In each city, it has been open to public viewing, with more than 75,000 visitors viewing the plane's roughly 70-yard wingspan.

    <a href="" mce_href="">Chat with the Swiss-based staff of Solar Impulse as the solar plane flies toward NYC!</a>

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  • Haunting photos and unexpected support for defense on Day 2 of Zimmerman trial

    Eric Adelson at The Lookout3 yrs ago

    SANFORD, Fla.—The photos were as unforgettable as they were haunting: Trayvon Martin’s dead body, sprawled out in wet grass; the 17-year-old’s Nike shirt, pierced with a bullet hole; his limp wrist; his chest; and his face, slack.

    The second day of the murder trial of George Zimmerman brought forth those photos and other powerful pieces of evidence, including the clothes Zimmerman was wearing and the gun he carried on the night he fatally shot Martin in February 2012. There was also a display of the now-iconic hoodie Martin wore on the night he died.

    Zimmerman looked at the images without a strong reaction, though with more focus than he showed during opening arguments. Martin’s parents turned away, looked down and eventually left the courtroom as the photos of their son were shown to the jury.

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