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  • AP11013117849The decorated Army veteran who authorities say wanted to blow up a Dearborn, Michigan mosque has served time in federal prison for death threats against George W. Bush and a Vermont veterans' center.

    Sixty-three year-old Roger Stockham pleaded insanity after he threatened to blow up a veterans' center in Vermont in 2002 and threatened then-President Bush, The Detroit News reports. He claimed to be a local terrorist named "Hem Ahadin" in threatening calls.

    Stockham was released from federal prison in 2005, after the warden certified he had recovered from his mental illness. Just two weeks ago, he referred to himself as "Hem Ahadin" in posts on Facebook again, according to the The Detroit News.

    Stockham is a Vietnam Army veteran with a long history of mental illness, according to newspaper clippings gathered by Current Events Inquiry. In 1979, Stockham was accused of kidnapping his son from a foster home and then crash-landing a stolen plane in Los Angeles. In 1981, authorities were on a man hunt for him when he escaped a mental hospital after sending threatening letters to President Jimmy Carter. In 1985, he was suspected of planting a bomb at the Reno, Nevada airport.

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  • AP0610260143Fans of the addictive sandwiches of Chick-fil-A who also support gay marriage are facing a dilemma: Should one follow the dictates of the stomach or the conscience?

    The privately owned chain, famous for closing on Sundays in deference to its founder's evangelical Christian values, donates to many Christian causes, scholarships, and organizations through its charitable arm.

    But when a Pennsylvania restaurant donated sandwiches and brownies to a Harrisburg meeting of The Pennsylvania Family Group, a group that works to outlaw gay marriage, pro-gay marriage bloggers and gay rights organizations went on the offensive. The news quickly trickled into the mainstream. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote about it, and so did the food blog Grub Street, with the headline "Chick-fil-A is anti-gay."

    President Dan Cathy posted a video response to the company's Facebook page in early January, no doubt hoping to quell the controversy. "Chick-fil-A serves all people and values all people," Cathy said, adding that the donation did not serve as a political endorsement. UPDATE: Cathy now says Chick-fil-A will no longer donate to any organizations that take a political stand on marriage.

    Thousands of people chimed in on Chick-fil-A's Facebook page, many of whom said they would support the chain even more because of the donation and the controversy around it.

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  • Scientists working to grow meat in labs

    mad scientistWell here's the latest queasy twist for the legions of food activists warning about the proliferation of factory farming and genetically modified foods: Some scientists are working to grow meat inside of  laboratories.

    One pioneer in the field is Dr. Vladimir Mironov, a developmental biologist and tissue engineer at the University of South Carolina. He told Reuters' Harriet McLeod that growing "in-vitro" or "cultured" meat may be viewed by many as "disruptive technology," but he sees it as the wave of the future in food cultivation.

    "It will be functional, natural, designed food," Mironov told Reuters, while noting that scientists in the Netherlands are pursuing similar research. "How do you want it to taste? You want a little bit of fat, you want pork, you want lamb? We design exactly what you want. We can design texture."

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  • Final Glance: Railroad companies

    Shares of some top railroad companies were down at the close of trading: CSX fell $.21 or .7 percent, to $30.52. Canadian National Railway Co. fell $.77 or 1.1 percent, to $67.58. Canadian Pacific Railway ...

  • Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away
    Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away

    Massachusetts is the cat's meow for feline lovers.

  • Applied Micro ships microserver chips in challenge to Intel

    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Applied Micro Circuits has begun shipping a new kind of low-power server chip that might challenge heavyweight Intel in cutting-edge data centers. The Sunnyvale, California, company disappointed Wall Street on Tuesday with first fiscal quarter revenue and second-quarter revenue outlook that missed expectations due to a declining legacy business, sending its shares 4 percent lower after hours. In the quarter that ended in June, Applied Micro Circuits recognized its first revenue from the chips - about a $1 million - and the company said it expects "meaningful" revenue from the chips in the quarters ending in December and March as shipments build.

  • Go short: 3 stocks heading lower
    Go short: 3 stocks heading lower

    Looking for a couple good short positions to help hedge against this up-and-down market? Look no further than Brad Lamensdorf, co-manager of the Ranger Equity Bear ETF, an actively managed short-only fund.

  • Iraqi Kurdistan sends letter to U.S. court over oil cargo

    The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said on Wednesday it had sent a letter to a U.S. court in Texas over a seized cargo of Kurdish crude oil to counter claims from Iraq's central government in Baghdad which maintains the oil was illegally exported. In the letter, the KRG asserts that Baghdad has failed to fulfil its obligations in Kurdistan, boosting the region's need to export oil as it contends with the influx of more than one million refugees in recent months due to violence sparked by Islamic State insurgents. "The federal government cannot win, because our crude is legally produced, shipped, exported, and sold in accordance with the rights of the Kurdistan Region as set forth in the Iraqi constitution," KRG Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami said in a statement on the KRG's web site.

  • Turkey's Erdogan 'glad' to return Jewish award: embassy
    Turkey's Erdogan 'glad' to return Jewish award: embassy

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be "glad" to return an award given to him in 2004 by an American Jewish group, Turkey's embassy in the US said Tuesday, amid a growing controversy over the premier's anti-Israel remarks. The American Jewish Congress had given Erdogan the Profile of Courage award in recognition of his efforts to seek peace in the Middle East but now wants the decoration to be returned after his repeated verbal assaults against Israel over the Gaza conflict. Erdogan has slammed Israel's attacks on Gaza as a "genocide" of the Palestinian people and compared the actions of the Jewish State to those of Adolf Hitler.

  • House to vote on slimmed-down bill for border
    House to vote on slimmed-down bill for border

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans unveiled a slimmed-down bill Tuesday to address the immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border by sending in National Guard troops and speeding migrant youths back home. The election-year measure would allow Republicans to say they tried to solve the humanitarian problem in South Texas, even though it stands no chance of becoming law.

  • Furor engulfs Chicago's red-light camera system
    Furor engulfs Chicago's red-light camera system

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration is scrambling to contain a furor over the city's red-light camera system, which may have ticketed thousands of motorists under questionable circumstances. Prompted by ...

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