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  • Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska in July 2009, and in the nearly four years since, she’s consciously worked to keep the political world wondering what she might do next. Will she run for president? Will she do another reality television show? Is she aiming for her own talk show?

    Palin hasn’t offered many answers, but a new fundraising video released by her political group, SarahPAC, suggests she at least wants the public to be curious about her intentions a little while longer.

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  • An anti-rape video posted on the Web with the line, "Real men treat women with respect," has gone viral: So far, it's been viewed over 1.4 million times.

    Filmed by University of Oregon sophomore Samantha Stendal, the 26-second video, "A Needed Response," was made in reaction to the Steubenville rape trial in Ohio, which convicted two high-school football players of raping a drunk and passed out 16-year-old girl.

    The victim was unconscious during the crime, and in addition to the rape itself, had to endure a response on social media that often made light of the situation.

    The online comments, some of which blamed the young woman, outraged Stendal. The 19-year-old told Yahoo News in an email, "I become frustrated with the constant victim blaming and general rape culture that I saw online. I decided to make a video in order to place something more positive on the internet. I wanted to promote the idea of treating one another like decent human beings."

    The short video shows a woman passed

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  • An 8-year-old girl on a field trip to a museum was mysteriously hit in the leg by an arrow.

    According to, police reports stated that the third-grader from the Mary E. Silveira Elementary School in San Rafael, Calif., was playing on a replica of a whale outside the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley when she was hit in the thigh by a crossbow arrow on Tuesday morning.

    The injured girl was taken to Children’s Hospital & Research Center in Oakland with the arrow still lodged in her leg and treated for a non-life threatening injury. She was kept overnight for observation.

    Geoff Vassallo, 51, of Mariposa, who was on a field trip with another school, happened to be standing by the girl when the incident occurred. He told, "She was pretty calm. She was crying a little bit. She said, 'Oh, it hurts.’” He added, "One of the adults was comforting her, waiting for the emergency personnel."

    It's not yet known if the arrow was shot accidentally or on purpose. Police traced

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