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  • Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan, 26, left, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. (AP)

    The al-Qaida online magazine Inspire reportedly was hacked by U.S. intelligence officials in an effort to sabotage it, according to The Washington Post.

    And the hacking seemed to do its job, at least temporarily, according to the report. When the magazine was published on May 14, the Post reported, its first page appeared garbled and the following 20 pages were blank.

    The corrupted version of the magazine was quickly taken down. A restored version was published on May 30. According to ABC News, it “devotes a significant portion of its 30-plus pages to the April 15 bombing.”

    The English-language magazine published by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is printed in English and may have served as a tool for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, according to previous reports.

    ABC News also reports the magazine appeared to reference its possible link to the Boston attacks, which killed three and injured 260: "Lone-Jihad is impossible to counter and stop, except when basic cooking

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  • Mitch Anderson (Facebook)

    A Texas high school senior used his graduation speech last week to announce to his family, friends and fellow students that he's gay.

    Mitch Anderson, a member of Belton High School’s 2013 graduating class, told a local radio station that he had never come out to anyone before his salutatorian speech on Thursday at the Bell County Expo.

    “Once I got up there and started talking, I felt completely fine,” Anderson, who lives in Temple, Texas, told KTEM News Radio.

    “I myself am guilty of self-doubt, relying on others to give my life definition,” Anderson said in his speech. “But that time has passed, and I feel the moment has arrived for me to be publicly true to my personal identity. So now, I can say, I’m gay.

    "It is both a significant portion of who I am and an inconsequential aspect," he continued. "It’s as natural and effortless to me as breathing. I couldn’t change myself even if I wanted and, believe me, I have."

    Anderson, who will be studying biology at the University of Texas in

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  • File photo of Debra Nelson, who has been a Florida judge for 14 years. (Joe Burbank/Pool/Getty)

    The Sunshine State is no stranger to sensational court cases.

    There was six weeks of Casey Anthony courtroom drama in 2011. Then who can forget Judge Larry Seidlin crying over the fate of Anna Nicole Smith's corpse in 2007?

    The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman, which started jury selection this week in Sanford, Fla., has the makings of another high-profile cliffhanger.

    Zimmerman, a volunteer crime watchman in his Sanford neighborhood, is accused of profiling, pursuing and fatally shooting unarmed Trayvon Martin, 17, in February 2012. He has pleaded not guilty, saying he shot in self-defense when Martin attacked him.

    Presiding over the case is Debra S. Nelson, described by defense attorneys and others as a no-nonsense jurist.

    “She doesn’t play games,” Orlando criminal defense attorney Luis F. Calderon told Yahoo News. “She doesn’t come across as mean, but she’s pretty firm in her rulings.”

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    Calderon says Nelson is a stickler

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  • Teaser: chaos reigns in final season of 'True Blood'
    Teaser: chaos reigns in final season of 'True Blood'

    Two months before kicking off the seventh and final season of its famous vampire show, HBO has released the first footage from the coming episodes in a teaser that shows the town of Bon Temps in a state of total chaos. Abandoned by the US government, Sookie and her friends are contending with very difficult circumstances, as the town is under attack by vampire zombies infected with the Hepatitis V virus. And what will become of Eric, the lead vampire played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard? The 30-second clip preserves the suspense surrounding what awaits the blond vampire, who has been in a tight spot since the end of the previous season.

  • All aboard! Sudan's sleek new Nile Train a rarity
    All aboard! Sudan's sleek new Nile Train a rarity

    In a dilapidated, poverty-stricken country where some railway rolling stock is more than 40 years old, Sudan's sleek, sharp-nosed Nile Train is an unusual sight. On January 20 the train began daily passenger service -- Sudan's first in years -- as part of efforts to revive the railway system despite an economic crisis that has left the country ravaged by inflation and starving for hard currency. "This new train is really, really modern," says Ahmed Hussein, the project manager for Sudan Railways Corporation. The four coaches roll out of the once-abandoned station in an industrial area of North Khartoum at 9:00 am every day, heading north with two stops before reaching the railway junction town of Atbara.

  • Teen who stowed away on flight to Hawaii remains hospitalized
    Teen who stowed away on flight to Hawaii remains hospitalized

    A teenage boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet remained hospitalized on Tuesday, two days after his death-defying jaunt over the Pacific Ocean, a Hawaii official said. The teenager, whose name has not been released, is "resting comfortably" at a hospital in Hawaii, spokeswoman Kayla Rosenfeld of state's Department of Human Services said in a statement. The boy is in the custody of the department's Child Welfare Services division, and officials are working to ensure his safe return to California, she said. There has been conflicting information on whether the boy, who is from Santa Clara, California, is 15 or 16 years old.

  • Australia signals deeper search for Malaysian jet
    Australia signals deeper search for Malaysian jet

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's prime minister said Wednesday that failure to find any clue in the most likely crash site of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet would not spell the end of the search, as officials planned to soon bring in more powerful sonar equipment that can delve deeper beneath the Indian Ocean.

  • Summer preview: Chris Pratt enters a new 'Galaxy'
    Summer preview: Chris Pratt enters a new 'Galaxy'

    NEW YORK (AP) — After Chris Pratt tweeted a shirtless photo of himself to flaunt the shape he had gotten into for "Zero Dark Thirty," he received, he says, a "giant ball of criticism" from his friends. It also helped land him the lead in one of the summer's biggest movies.

  • Intensive care patient accused of selling thousands of dollars worth of heroin from hospital bed
    Intensive care patient accused of selling thousands of dollars worth of heroin from hospital bed

    Having multiple visitors who didn't know her last name come by for only a few minutes made hospital staff suspicious.

  • Did you miss last week’s blood moon? Check out this awesome time-lapse photo
    Did you miss last week’s blood moon? Check out this awesome time-lapse photo

    Last week’s rare blood moon eclipse was amazing, but it also took place in the middle of the night so most people in the U.S. probably missed it. But there is no need to fret, of course — that’s why Al Gore invented the Internet. We have all undoubtedly seen photos of the blood moon eclipse that took place in the wee hours of the morning on April 15th. It was the first of four coming eclipses where the moon will glow red in the sky, so three more opportunities to catch one are coming. Those who don’t feel like waiting for October to see the next blood moon are in luck though, because Wired posted a great little GIF on

  • First sign of South Korea ferry disaster was call from a frightened boy
    First sign of South Korea ferry disaster was call from a frightened boy

    He called the emergency 119 number which put him through to the fire service, which in turn forwarded him to the coastguard two minutes later. That was followed by about 20 other calls from children on board the ship to the emergency number, a fire service officer told Reuters.

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