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  • A former Air Force drone operator spoke to NBC News about how he is haunted by the more than 1,600 deaths he contributed to.

    In the interview, Brandon Bryant, 27, spoke about the deaths he witnessed from afar in vivid detail. In one instance, he recalled operating the camera on a drone over Afghanistan while sitting at an Air Force base in Nevada. The missiles hit the three targeted men. Bryant says the men may have been carrying rifles but he isn't convinced they were necessarily "bad guys."

    Via NBC News:

    "The guy that was running forward, he’s missing his right leg,” he recalled. “And I watch this guy bleed out and, I mean, the blood is hot.” As the man died his body grew cold, said Bryant, and his thermal image changed until he became the same color as the ground.

    Bryant told NBC News that he served as a drone sensor operator for five years. His work entailed guiding drones over Iraq and Afghanistan. His duties did not include the firing of missiles, but the missions he took part

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  • RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif.—If you want privacy, following in the footsteps of Richard Nixon, the queen of England and Frank Sinatra is a good idea.

    The Sunnylands estate, which is playing host to President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, has a rich history involving many other U.S. presidents and countless celebrity guests.

    First completed in 1966, the 200-acre estate with its famously pink walls was used for decades by the Annenberg family. And from the very beginning, it was also a perfect getaway for the powerful political figures the Annenbergs counted among their friends.

    Dwight Eisenhower was the first U.S. president to visit, and he and his wife, Mamie, enjoyed fishing and golfing excursions on the premises. Sunnylands comes equipped with its own golf course and a fully stocked fishing pond.

    The private and relaxed atmosphere seems to be ideal for Obama and Xi, allowing them to conduct business and get to know each

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  • Jeremy Scahill is an investigative correspondent for The Nation magazine and has reported from hot spots around the world including Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. "Dirty Wars," a new documentary on U.S. covert wars based on Scahill's book of the same name, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and is set for release in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, June 7. Yahoo News recently spoke to Scahill about drones policy, President Barack Obama's recent speech on U.S. counterterrorism policy, and what Scahill believes are the greatest security threats still facing the U.S.

    The Obama administration last month acknowledged killing Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who called for jihad against the U.S., in a drone strike in Yemen in Sept. 2011. His 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, also an American citizen, was killed in a U.S.-sponsored drone strike two weeks later. You explore the circumstances of these deaths in “Dirty Wars” and interviewed Anwar al-Awlaki’s

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  • Final Glance: Railroad companies

    Shares of some top railroad companies were down at the close of trading: CSX fell $.21 or .7 percent, to $30.52. Canadian National Railway Co. fell $.77 or 1.1 percent, to $67.58. Canadian Pacific Railway ...

  • More mysterious craters found in Russia's remote Siberia region
    More mysterious craters found in Russia's remote Siberia region

    Two more craters of unknown origin have been spotted in Russia's Siberia region, weeks after a similar-looking hole was found in the isolated northernmost area, a local paper reported. The Siberian Times, an English-language newspaper, published pictures of two new giant holes discovered by reindeer herders, one located in the Yamal and the other in the Taymyr peninsula, both above the Arctic circle. Russian state TV reported earlier this month that a giant hole had appeared in the gas-rich Yamal peninsula where temperatures plummet below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) and the sun barely rises in winter. Yamal, inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas.

  • Obama eats ribs with 4 Kansas City letter writers
    Obama eats ribs with 4 Kansas City letter writers

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — President Barack Obama feasted on barbecue Tuesday with four people who wrote him letters in a trip to highlight the struggles of working families in American's heartland, as the clock ticked on pressing issues before Congress goes on summer break.

  • Chinese police shoot dead dozens after attack in Xinjiang
    Chinese police shoot dead dozens after attack in Xinjiang

    By Ben Blanchard BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police shot dead dozens of knife-wielding attackers on Monday morning after they staged assaults on two towns in the western region of Xinjiang, the official Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday. A gang armed with knives had first attacked a police station and government offices in the town of Elixku, in Shache county, it said, quoting local police. The dead and injured include not just Uighurs but members of China's majority Han Chinese population, the report said. The U.S.-based Rebiya Kadeer, president of the exiled World Uyghur Congress, called for restraint, saying in a statement that she was worried "China will use this incident to step up repression, causing more people to lose their freedom." The attack took place at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, which officials had tried to get Muslims in Xinjiang to ignore, in an indication of what rights groups say is discrimination targeting the Uighurs.

  • New iPhone 6 leak gives us a great look at the device’s major redesign
    New iPhone 6 leak gives us a great look at the device’s major redesign

    The rear iPhone 6 shell which has appeared in various reports so far has leaked yet again, as YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has apparently scored a copy of the component directly from a manufacturer. In a short video, iCrackUriDevice goes over all the design changes expected for the iPhone 6, including the phone’s thin profile, relocated power button, iPod touch-like volume rockers, round corners, redesigned antennas on the back, and increased size of the device, while comparing it to last year’s flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 5s. FROM EARLIER: Foxconn pulls out the big guns to ensure iPhone 6 production goes perfectly The component is similar to other iPhone 6 rear shell leaks, and is consistent with what the many iPhone 6 dummy

  • Legalizing pot has not spurred use among U.S. teens: study
    Legalizing pot has not spurred use among U.S. teens: study

    By Moriah Costa WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A rise in marijuana use among U.S. teens over the past 20 years has no significant tie to the legalization of marijuana for medical use in many states, according to a new research paper. Comparing surveys of marijuana use by adolescents conducted annually by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found the probability that a high schooler had used pot in the last 30 days was no more than 0.8 percent higher in legal states compared to states that had not approved medical marijuana. "Our results are not consistent with the hypothesis that the legalization of medical marijuana caused an increase in the use of marijuana among high school students," D. Mark Anderson of Montana State University, Daniel Rees of the University of Colorado and Benjamin Hansen of the University of Oregon wrote.

  • Man with face transplant models for GQ
    Man with face transplant models for GQ

    In 1997, when Richard Norris was 22 years old, he accidentally shot himself in the face. Norris survived the incident, but his face was destroyed, as was his willingness to venture outdoors and engage with the world. And then, everything changed.

  • Gaga on Bennett duet CD: Jazz comes easier vs. pop
    Gaga on Bennett duet CD: Jazz comes easier vs. pop

    NEW YORK (AP) — Lady Gaga is a bona fide pop star, but the singer says recording jazz music was easier than pop.

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