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  • Five-year-old Tatum Raetz was cheered on by hundreds of police officers on Wednesday at her kindergarten graduation.

    What was going to be a happy occasion took a heartbreaking, tragic turn when her father, Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz, was struck and killed by a car on Sunday during a DUI arrest.

    The officers were there "in proxy for Daryl and to let her know that we're here for her," Police Officer Keith Garn told CBS5. The Phoenix Police Department made sure that although Tatum had lost her dad, she had gained an entire family of police officers.

    The girl was escorted to the graduation by a police motorcade and accompanied by hundreds of officers, who lined the room three deep, applauded and stood as she got her kindergarten certificate.

    The squad had initially intended to keep the event limited to the Raetz's squad and precinct, but word got out and other police officers showed up.

    "She had 300, 400 parents up here for her this morning," Officer James Holmes told AZfamily.

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  • Pieces of a 747 cargo plane fell onto a woman's house and a Walmart parking lot in Georgia on Sunday afternoon. Federal authorities are investigating why.

    Homeowner Pamela Ware spoke with about the experience.

    "And boom! I was like, 'Huh?' Actually, I hit the floor," Ware told "If it had landed in here, because that is just Sheetrock, it would have … oh boy, I wouldn't be no good."

    The piece of debris fell through Ware's roof, leaving two holes. It later bounced onto the yard, according to A few miles away, a 20-foot-long portion of the plane's wing fell onto the Walmart store's parking lot. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in either case.

    According to, investigators said the cargo plane had been flying from Anchorage. It was roughly five miles east of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when pieces of the right wing broke off. The pilot declared an emergency and was able to land safely. reports that it is unclear who will

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  • (Nate Shron/Getty Images)

    So you're considering college but don't have the dough. Or maybe you're out of college now and still don't have any dough. You're not alone: In the past 30 years, the cost of a college degree has risen 1,120 percent and the number of people taking out loans to pay for it has skyrocketed.

    The good news is that with a little creativity (and maybe even some help from Washington), you can make paying for college less onerous.

    Below are 10 things that can be done to rein in the cost of obtaining a degree. The ideas come from a range of sources, including liberal, conservative and libertarian think tanks; Republican and Democratic politicians; artists; entrepreneurs; and dropouts. Some of the ideas here are controversial and, at times, contradictory.

    But here they are, all in one place.


    1. Don’t rely on your gut to determine where to go to school—look at the ROI

    How many people do you know who chose a school because they liked the football team? Or because the school had a great

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