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FIRST LOOK: Stocks up over speculation Fed may act

Liz Goodwin
The Lookout

Welcome to First Look, our daily roundup of early-bird news:

• The Dow fell more than 600 points yesterday, but eased up this morning on hopes that the Fed may announce new monetary easing. (AP)

• The rioting in London continued last night, as vacationing Prime Minister David Cameron  recalled Parliament from vacation to deal with the crisis. (BBC)

• The Department of Justice is suing the nation's second-largest for-profit education company. (New York Times)

• Investigators are asking why so many people were sent on a risky rescue mission that left 38 dead. (Washington Post)

• One Atlanta teacher explains why she suspected other teachers were cheating on their students' standardized tests. (CNN)

• Facebook is taking down inmates' Facebook pages after California prison officials complained of party photos. (Gawker)

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