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GOP senators introduce birthright citizenship bill

Liz Goodwin
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GOP Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and David Vitter of Louisiana are introducing a bill to block birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.

"Citizenship is a privilege, and only those who respect our immigration laws should be allowed to enjoy its benefits,"  Paul said in a press release.

The text of the bill isn't available yet, but Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa referred a similar bill to the House's committee on immigration this month, with 45 cosponsors. King doesn't recommend formally changing the 14th Amendment--which guarantees citizenship to all persons born in U.S. soil--in his legislation. He instead favors adopting a different interpretation of the amendment that would exclude children of illegal immigrants.  A bill to repeal birthright citizenship in 2009 garnered 95 cosponsors but never came to a vote.

Meanwhile, Arizona state lawmakers are introducing four measures today to repeal birthright citizenship within the state, in part to try to draw a lawsuit that would take the issue to the Supreme Court. We wrote about why the courts would likely strike down such measures here.

(Paul: AP.)

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