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Iowa and Texas plan steep education cuts

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Governors are proposing a slew of tough budget cuts to get through the next fiscal year without stimulus funds or increased taxes, reports The Wall Street Journal. Proposals in Texas and Iowa single out public education for steep cuts.

In Texas, one proposal would reduce total education spending by 15 percent, or $7-$10 billion, depending on K-12 enrollment. The plan also calls for shutting down four community colleges in a bid to close the state's $15 billion deficit while honoring Republican Gov. Rick Perry's pledge not to use rainy-day funds or raise taxes.

Iowa GOP Gov. Terry Branstad wants to cut preschool funding from $71 million to $43 million, which would eliminate the universal free pre-school for four year-olds the state established in 2007.

Higher education cuts are expected in California, New York, and several other states.

(Texas Gov. Rick Perry: AP)

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