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Mars rover leaves a familiar print

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Left: Mars print (NASA); right: moon print (NASA/AP)

One small step for the Mars rover, one giant roll for robot kind. While cruising the red planet, NASA's Curiosity rover left a familiar imprint on its surface.

If the scuff mark left by the rover gives you a sense of déjà vu, it should. The print bears a striking resemblance to the boot prints left by Buzz Aldrin while he walked the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission back in 1969. However, unlike the moon boot print, which is still around today (no wind on the moon), the tracks on Mars will eventually disappear. Universe Today explains that the marks on Mars should be gone in two years.

In other rover-related news, Curiosity recently "checked in" on Foursquare. The social network allows users to check in at businesses around the world using their smartphones. Folks who check in often are awarded ceremonial titles. For example, if nobody else checks in from Mars over the next 60 days, Curiosity will become the mayor of Mars. Something tells us the rover is gonna have that title for a long time.

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